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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Heritage 2015 Conservative Policy Summit
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Americans John Edwards and in this respect was right another sentence rarely said heritage if
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be deeply deeply dismayed by the president's decree that he will simply ignore federal
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Parisians they target the west and yet you cannot win a war against radical Islamic terrorism with
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year I introduced the American energy renaissance act a comprehensive piece of legislation to
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adopting a flat tax with Barack Obama in the way we may have to wait two years for a Republican president to
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Senate democratic been reelected if Harry Reid had grown is majority the president would have got nothing opined the people have spoken and
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to a better education we're coming up on Martin Luther king day I can think of nothing that would be a greater legacy for Dr king then
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the deputy national security adviser this administration described that an Iran nuclear deal would
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an energy agenda far broader we've seen incredible growth in the energy sector the last several years last
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were three of us it was lonely it was a really long well enough for a game of spades this year they're
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you gotta think look if you are coming illegally into this country if you traveled hundreds or thousands of miles in the in the grinding heat if
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voices of Washington will say test test that is inconsistent with getting things done you
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twelve Republican but doesn't nearly a quarter of the Republican conference are freshmen and I'll tell you what I've encouraged every freshman is
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murdering Israeli American rabbis in the synagogue as they prayed we've seen isis beheading journalists
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have been once again entrusted with leadership in Congress and I want to say thank you to heritage action for hosting this event because
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it matters only in so far as we are standing up and defending those constant those
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of us here have kids everyone of us has told our kids tell the truth and do what you said you would that is the advice I would give everyone everyone
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friends in the media like to write it isn't stand between career politicians in Washington in
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chose to get on a plane and fly back home in all of us remember September eleventh two thousand one I was living here in Washington DC just south of the Pentagon my
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trillion larger than the size of our entire economy once and for all all of the Republicans who campaigned saying we're
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we are United in saying every kid has a right to a quality education regardless
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agree with it's only in Washington that when you say we should stop piling debt higher
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money policy we need stable consistent strong monetary power number eight it is long past time for
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I want to close the way I started by simply saying to each of you thank you thank you for urging this
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that they respond to the promises made to lobbyists and pastry the town is fundamentally corrupt both