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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
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have bridges that make the George Washington bridge look like small potatoes and they're all over the place we
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Score: 10.314
need that we have the opposite we have losers we have losers we have people that don't have it we
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Score: 9.1751
nineteen seventy eight but think of the GDP below zero horrible labor participation rate and
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Score: 8.8252
I love the military and I want to have the strongest military that we've ever had and we needed more now than ever but I said don't hit
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Score: 8.6153
may a billion dollars a day a billion dollars a day I left the Saudis many are in this film they
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Score: 8.1757
five big dollar website I have so many websites have all over the place I hire people they
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Score: 8.1690
new China believe it or not in terms of trade is Max so this man tells me about the manufacturing I say that's a terrible story I
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Score: 8.0003
I will tell you I love my life I have a wonderful family they're saying dad you going to do something that's going to be so tough you know all of my life I've heard that
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us it used equipment right they always keep our quick we got a sense of real job because frankly it would be where to send our surplus we're
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today my father is again leading me by example my generation finds itself at a crossroads our
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said we should have take so now isis has the oil and what they don't have a rand has and
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below cost way below what anyone ever thought I look at these roads being built all over the country and
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Score: 6.9020
I'm not doing that I'm not doing that to brag because you know what I don't have to break I don't believe it or not I'm
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Score: 6.8931
will be doing and I promise I will never be in a bicycle race that I can tell you I will immediately terminate president
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dollars in a row to treat we lost thousands of lives thousands in Iraq we
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would say maybe two maybe for two thousand three hundred sophisticated
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Score: 6.3749
is accomplishments are too many to name that man is my father nnj
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Score: 6.3043
expectations there's been no crowd like this and I can tell you some of the candidates they win and they
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Score: 6.2428
it's got to stop and it's got to stop fast nnj nnj Islamic terrorism is
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Score: 6.2014
eating up large portions of the Middle East they become rich I'm in competition with they
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China has our jobs and Mexico has our jobs they all of a job but the real number the
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Score: 6.1278
have all the cards but we don't know how to use we don't even know that we have the cards because our leaders don't