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Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
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from Cuba he had been in prison he'd been tortured in Cuba and he came to Texas with nothing with a hundred dollars in his underwear didn't speak a word of English wash
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pass laws and then the Supreme Court interprets them and they can decide whether to throw them out or not and
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need to eliminate corporate welfare we need to build the keystone pipeline nnj
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biggest surprise since coming to Washington people ask what what surprise you when you get to the biggest surprise has
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now when rain started eleven forty seven in the morning there were more than a few senators
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the constitutional authority to give away you SRV now we've seen Republicans willing to stand up the
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growth at every stage to get the economy boom booming we need to repeal obamacare we
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if we can get her to come out of that shell I just have a feeling she'd have some power well things to say but what I want to talk about today is the question how do we keep winning
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of the world cats and dogs living together you know I half way expected to see the stay puff marshmallow man come walking out but
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people are losing their insurance as employees are being forced to reduce their hours as insurance premiums are
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no role in the U. S. Senate because she explains it's Congress's job to
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so to my grave I willow rand Paul a debt of gratitude that the first time I spoke on the Senate I had the opportunity to read Travis is a letter from the Alamo and
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amendment provided the powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states and to the people how
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skyrocketing on young people every Democrat voted together to maintain obamacare funding even
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than a few of my colleagues were not thrills and yet we saw every single Republican in the Senate vote unanimously
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my dad is here today I'd like him to stand up I love you dad in our family that was a powerful powerful moment but
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the phrase draconian two percent cuts can be honored and you know after awhile I think the president was self parodying as
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due process of law which somehow a drone from a sky hitting you in a cafe and my definition of there's
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maybe Joe Biden stumbled on to something after but you know this past week we are hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee where
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on the constitution do we surrender or do we stand up now
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said we are going to stand for liberty we're going to stand for the constitution we
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he receives support Mike Leigh and I came early on to support him then another senator then another senator then another senator as
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are hurting right now we're in the midst a what I call the great stagnation president
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the world court and to the United Nations and we stood up to the president the United States who happen to be a Republican and
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drones nnj the second thing we need to do is we need to champion growth people