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was flipping burgers there I was flipping burgers at my home the only difference is his manager told he had the flip hamburgers in the back because
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was flipping burgers there I was flipping burgers at my home the only difference is his manager told he had the flip hamburgers in the back because
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Gov. John Kasich Visits the Iowa State Fair
Iowa style flipping burgers before taking his turn on the soap box also had the ear of our sitting
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Ted Cruz Speaks at the American Principles Project Red, White, & Blue Gala
life was over and as I sat there trembling I flipped the corner overnight said just kidding a dnmt that
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Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin Reforms at Western Conservative Summit, Part 2
washing dishes at the countryside rest later in life I moved up in the big time in high school I started flipping hamburgers at McDonald's true
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Miami Fox: "Marco Rubio Wins This Debate"
with Rubio Crist as a flip flop there was a notable change in tone from the governor Tuesday night when it came to healthcare reform he
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#JebNoFilter: Sharknado 3 | Jeb Bush
and I'm flipping around, looking at the cable stations, and there is this thing
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
my pro life what am i but yeah that would i don't use the word flip i've evolved on a lot of different things difference
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Marco Rubio: College Isn't Just Expensive, Our System Is Outdated
flip side of it to understand this is an issue that was looked at by the justice department local officials and the officer was clear that
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We Need A Conservative Fighter in the Senate - ABC Topline
campaign is getting extraordinary momentum and he doesn't want the scrutiny on his own record of flip flopping and not standing for conservative prior...
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Rand Paul Appears On the Record- April 13, 2015
it or something or whether it's a flip flop what's the difference you know I think there are some basic principles you want people to keep no
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Kasie Hunt: Marco Really Stood Out
hour I nearly three hour debate but still when he had the chance to stand out he really did now on the flip
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Marco Rubio: My Whole Career Has Been About Reform
long range rockets date those things are untouched by this and they're going to keep infrastructure critical infrastructure that at some point in the ...
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Marco Rubio on Fox and Friends
go out of business there are going to come back into business when times get better can we talk about the other and I think part of the story it's rea...
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Marco Rubio On CNN's "The Situation Room"
obamacare he has flipped on the sort of my ordinary says he would have voted for %HESITATION we don't know where he stands on Elena Kagan but I think ...
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Marco In His Own Words: My Parents
is from but there are times when I when I wonder you know I sit back and I think gosh long way we my dad was six years old and this man died and had t...
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Marco Rubio and the Florida Dream
that had gone wrong in his we'll go right in there and he was especially proud of the song who is soon going to be able and so at sixty nine he was st...
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Happy Mother's Day!
it was not my grandpa it's a difficult didn't think there was any reason at all his daughters no one in the family had his
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Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC: How We Win
my understanding of smidgen was a little different than his I want to thank you all for being here you are here today at sea pack because you understa...
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"I Trust Donald Trump" Says Murder Victim's Father
come into my neighborhood visit and because he was there he had the backseat with that was there just as a report proved
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just because he was there you know here the guy in the back seat with him
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Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Speaks at Liberty University
his parents going through bankruptcy meant there was no financial support at home so at the age of seventeen he
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Donald Trump explains his immigration plan
which is something that you aren port he's much different now than he was in the past okay he's much different now as
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in a proper perspective imap and on the is life and death we have this because apparently very i
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The Obama Doctrine - Gathering Intelligence Through Plea Bargaining
in his case he was never eligible for trial by the military that's different when I'm talking about is gathering intelligence there's
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner
costly I was happy with my insurance and my job but because of obamacare my life is in I
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Graham Wins Republican Nomination (Part I)
have their back and that was Lindsey Graham the night you had my back because I have better back nndb
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Graham: I Will Hold President Obama Accountable for Benghazi
Christie evens what did he do when he was told the ambassador was missing we've had one investor killed in
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Donald Trump on Hitting Back at Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry Over Insults - June 22, 2015
actually as you probably know the room was packed it was standing room only in fact they had other