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Eat your heart out Zuckerberg.
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Eat your heart out Zuckerberg.
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Graham Supports Defunding Obamacare and Discusses Terror Attack in Kenya
your heart really goes out to the people are struggling through this now there's a report that came out over the weekend possibly Americans
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Scott Walker Talks American Safety & Lifting Americans Out Of Poverty
always treated debates as a conversation with the voters don't worry about the other people the stage just connect with the people telling what your v...
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Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
is not highlighted yet fifteen medium to give it more for the same eating your time the headline they put out about Nancy Pelosi ten
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Equal | Hillary Clinton
My heart will forever be linked to yours.
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Rick Santorum Endorses Ted Cruz
going to come out and vote in and not the folks who just kind of show up and half heartedly in that think that's where your endorsements going to make...
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Your Vote
of thousands of jobs in south carolina truly the heart so america i'm lindsey graham approved
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Your Vote
is directly responsible tens of thousands of jobs in South Carolina truly the heart and soul of America I'm
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Bernie Sanders Liberty University Speech
want you to go into your hearts how can we talk about morality about
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Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Ted Cruz on the Chad Hasty Show
that is out there obviously you're against this I eat yesterday are you reiterated that
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Lessig on Equal Citizens
place where democracy is possible again because you know you know in your heart of hearts put the denial aside you know nothing
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Carly discusses the latest despicable news about Planned Parenthood
specimens or tissues they would be saying look at your baby's heart look at your baby's eyes look
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
we want to hold them accountable but the lord wants our hearts to reach out to those they
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Ted Cruz at Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day
the freedom to seek out the lord god almighty with all of our hearts minds and souls freedom
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Ben Carson's GOP Debate Answers
units were not ready and you know the sequester is cutting the heart out of our personnel are
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Star Spangled Sunday
defend the liberty of every American to seek out the lord god almighty with all of our hearts minds
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Stand With Pastors
seek out the lord god almighty with all of our heart mind and soul without the government trying
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Hillary's Official Campaign Launch: Highlights! | Hillary Clinton
I believe with all my heart in an America where we don't leave anyone out or anyone
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An Assault On Fitness? Ha! Not This Time
there man got about Washington okay because your heart's content the point is so then the press right Christie's
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Ted Cruz Iowa Caucus Speech
and join our if you waste your heart on the United States of America if you attempt to
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Bernie Sanders Liberty University Speech
percent then in your hearts you will have to determine the morality of that and the justice of
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Graham: Susan Rice Deserves a Subpoena, Not An Apology
I heard your testimony my jaw dropped my heart stopped and I've never been more embarrassed so
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Ted Cruz Iowa caucus speech
you go and join our if you waste your heart on the United States of America if
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Ted Cruz Speaks at the 2012 Republican Party of Texas State Convention
to convince every Texan that I am a red Chinese communist who wants to eat your children and
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Opt Out
president Obama made this promise if you like your health care plan if you keep your healthcare plan not
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Opt Out
opt out of obamacare and you the option of keeping your coverage and your doctor join the fight to
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Ted Cruz on America's Newsroom
with regard to Oregon listen our heart goes out every one of us should be lifting up those families in prayer for
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Donald Trump Battles Offended Mexican Questioner at Vegas Event - July 11, 2015
believe the property rights my heart goes out to Mr Jimmy good there are illegal immigrants not a horrible in terror they're