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- What the devil are you doing up here? - I was just...
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- What the devil are you doing up here? - I was just...
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Marco slams news media for not covering IRS controversy
you are I don't even know if you do you stay up and watch what happened with the IRS last night did you did you kick back into it I mean it was like a...
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Marco on Obama's Failed Foreign Policy
me just president love and do you see it the same way what looks and everybody was here illegally is different there are some people that come here il...
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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity: Voters are looking for a consistent conservative
I was waiting for a chair to go fly om here's what I want how do you or you are viewed as
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Marco on The Kelly File
to us here on fox since the debate what do you think of well just one more stop in the process of electing a president I was disappointed we didn't ta...
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Marco sounds off about Charlie Crist on Cavuto
I think that the some of these mainstream candidates as was the case in North Carolina they could do just that are what did I get I
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Senator Rubio and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel Interview
so what you seem to tone is ready to miss meetings are not well I was doing just fine is that the gist of it we believe in the treasurer's office year...
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America Dreams Of A Congress That Actually Does Something
just this head shake they are really I see this last night not knowing what was gonna happen today as the town hall here last night in
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Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
for years it was they were actually I think I example you're here for the president remember such twenty two times you can do are you Yeltsin
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Marco sounds off about Charlie Crist on Cavuto
do not believe any of the costly will impose Walcott will outweigh the benefits of what they're contemplating you would toughen up the sanctions econo...
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Graham On National Security: We Must Up Our Game
love this country what the hell's going on here were watching you let me turn out to Syria and the situation there where there are now reports that th...
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Republican Presidential Debate - 6 August - Fox News
i will ask you same question but i do want to mention a woman just came here to the stage and asked what about the veterans i
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
some of the others were rookies and I said do you understand what we are doing here this isn't a political campaign and
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#ATimeForTruth on the Mark Davis Show
I think people are ready for meaningful change courageous conservatives rising up mark I thank you for what you're doing to
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What was it like moving Chelsea into her college dorm? | Quick Question | Hillary Clinton
And my husband was like, β€œWhat are you doing? This is crazy. She’s just going to college.”
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Rubio Answers Questions On Immigration From MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell
absolutely not on the contrary I think we kept them up today what we've been working on but here's the other thing that's important when you do and
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We Want Congress To Do Something!
I was fed up as you are with this Congress I work for a lot of these guys last fall when I was campaigning for governors
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Marco Rubio urges Florida House to make service meaningful
were here to be some those who are here to do something I was only the ones who came here to do some ever became someone so
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Jeb Bush on Face The Nation - May 31, 2015
are you comfortable with what you're doing here as far as your families i am i am afraid about it talks
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Four and a Half Hours at the Iowa State Fair | Jeb Bush
Are we just here?
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
veterans affairs call you %HESITATION and give you the best advice that we give you have to do the I you know I'm a trained lawyers that means I can m...
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Marco Speaking at CPAC Colorado
here's here's what I loved about that's what I loved about I think you know men Bromley one on every point you could win a debate on but was the most ...
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
but i just couldn't do you feel the need i think it was either if i make a mistake but i don't have to make i mean why what do i have to you
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Ted Cruz Discusses Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Howie Carr
so what I did is I stood up and just said that I said here's what he hears the promise he made here's what he said to me in his conduct today is direc...
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Marco on Coaching His Son's Football Team
they don't I mean some of them see me on TV but I don't think we really know what it is I do and in that you know they just know me as the guy was try...
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Graham: Susan Rice Deserves a Subpoena, Not An Apology
what what do you make of the white house suddenly raising that occur maybe didn't raise for this guy that won outside is just on a different planet ou...
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Marco Talks Reopening Government on Hannity
and unlikely and Ted Cruz while I think you guys are the new emerging voice of conservative in the country and in the Senate and I think for those guy...
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Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders
sign up for the campaign we are close the ninety thousand contributions you know what the average contribution was it's
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Carly's Q
one hundred percent you are right Sir here's the thing if we want to stop the spread of crony capitalism what we must do is not just reduce the size a...