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is David Sir first of all let me just say that I would ask people if they are negative about things I would just say look we do have some very serious problems who
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is David Sir first of all let me just say that I would ask people if they are negative about things I would just say look we do have some very serious problems who
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
chris display to the crowd let me let me just say this first of all i think it's bad agreement i would never have done it we
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Graham Questions Military Leaders about Sexual Assaults in the Military
system I would just say that I think what we do in the military is very unique for us to do things that are very different than any other profession a...
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We have a Spending Problem, Not a Revenue Problem
of the worst things you can do with the fragile economy is Jack up taxes on job creators on small businesses and I think that would be a serious mista...
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Marco talking about Higher Education Reform on CNBC's Squawk Box
much more marketable you and Jeb bush and others like you would you say well first of all you know I would just say that I I honestly
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Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
if we can get her to come out of that shell I just have a feeling she'd have some power well things to say but what I want to talk about today is the ...
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Marco Talks Foreign Policy with Hannity
I would argue they probably do yeah and here's why because the first point I would make is in a fighting isn't just saying we're going to vote when I ...
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Carly's interview with CNN New Day
you believe that you have solutions to these problems that are obvious to i do let's just say there are lots of politicians who make false promises bo...
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Marco Calls For Delay On Individual Mandate [Fox News]
in what do you say to Democrats say that one hundred of the problem well first of all if you start to look at some of the problems that are happening ...
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Marco Rubio: If I'm President, We Will Reimpose Sanctions
they're talking about center six hours are you ready to do that no I'm I'm ready to talk about who I am and what I'm all I am running a what I would d...
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
in and of itself is a misnomer that being said let me explain something for so I don't agree with the premise of that story and second I would say yes...
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Marco explains how ObamaCare is hurting real people
look I think that is all sort of gimmick to get people just the log on to the website and write their name and so that they can obviously go back and ...
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Things Change
have the right to have an abortion if they want abortion is that what you're saying yeah I'm saying that I would close my will healthcare
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Immigration Is A Serious Problem
leaders are smart and all of these illegals coming over our criminals let me set the record straight on a couple things the first is the evidence is n...
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Graham Discusses Problems with Obamacare Rollout
people say I get all the big the email I got from viewers viewers tend to write when they're unhappy about something but they're very unhappy with the...
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Marco Rubio on Fox News' "Hannity"
mean that's just kind common law I would think yeah I and I hear from all over the people all over the state the people of Connecticut are constantly ...
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
about the kid in this art I understand so %HESITATION first I would say that we have to go where they are sort
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Bernie Sanders On Negative Ads
with me nuts for that's cool democracy it's a good thing but i would hope and i asked the media help on allow us to discuss the important issues facin...
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Carly's interview with CNN New Day
to these problems that are obvious I do let's just say there are lots of politicians who make false promises on both sides of
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (This Week)
importance of this issue and hope that we've agreed to let me let me say this about you ask me there's an agreement the answer is we've been working v...
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Marco Talks to Bret Baier Pre-Convention Speech
is an outrage that your party is really trying first of all I would ask and a lot today we haven't made these people out there we really do have to go...
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (Your World With Cavuto)
first of all that the bill was never designed as a take it or leave it proposition it is a starting point and I would just say that I share that conce...
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Marco talking about Iraq on Hannity
mean first of all there was and where there was a residual American for still there lot of this would not happen and I would say we have to do the bes...
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on The Kelly File- May 13, 2014
would have said yes here's a warrant search all record and that if you come back to me when you say they called five people that are suspicious I
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Marco calls for vote on his VA reform bill on The O'Reilly Factor
I would point to three things I think the first they have a systemic problem of governing again I mean this is a campaign that was very good at messag...
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Larry Kudlow Show
you're right that there a lot of people in Washington who who who were throwing rocks and what I would say is is if if
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Marco Talks to Andrea Mitchell Pre-Convention Speech
these are real actions real people and got elected that happen to be of minority descent and Hispanic descent these things happen so that's the first ...
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Lindsey Graham on CNN State of the Union
put it and don't take it off the table that's all I'm saying senator Schumer I want to move along because I do want to ask you about immigration in th...