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let me ask you let me ask about Tesla dogs that that that is an interesting regulation of there are a number of dealerships obviously in your state you would have no problem what
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let me ask you let me ask about Tesla dogs that that that is an interesting regulation of there are a number of dealerships obviously in your state you would have no problem what
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Rubio on CNN's State of the Union (Part 1)
we're gonna wait for all that happened before we you know make hard edge pronouncements on what the future our students let let me ask you a little bi...
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on "Hannity"
look let me ask you know as as character now emerged as an issue inspite I in light of that fox
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Thank You for Your Continued Support
let me be clear there are no contributions that are too small is so valuable to a campaign like that doesn't have the help of the special interests or
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (This Week)
importance of this issue and hope that we've agreed to let me let me say this about you ask me there's an agreement the answer is we've been working v...
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Marco Talks About The Romney Campaign on Meet The Press
both private life and in his campaign let me ask you about another big issue in your state you know it well and that's the issue of Medicare what
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Rubio Talks With Trey Radel on Fort Myers' Fox 92.5 FM
is what we need I as our next senator all of this state that's let me ask you to dynamics to change a little bit without
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Lindsey Graham on CNN State of the Union
put it and don't take it off the table that's all I'm saying senator Schumer I want to move along because I do want to ask you about immigration in th...
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Ask Pataki
stark or jobs that my kids are all game of thrones nuts and let me say that my favorite you
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Lindsey Graham on CNN State of the Union
that as well the effect of Boston on that discussion but let me first ask you you heard congressman call is written a letter to a
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
are supposed to pretend we don't let me tell you what mine would be number one i'd ask do you think that the unborn child is
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Marco talks Economic Growth on Kudlow
is David Sir first of all let me just say that I would ask people if they are negative about things I would just say look we do have some very serious...
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on "Hannity"
back thanks for having me back alright let me ask the question based on the fox news Sunday interview he said he would run as an independent you
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Bernie Sanders' Iowa State Fair Speech
billionaires let me tell you somethin about this camp paid part of their the problem that
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Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
let let me jump in and ask what one question how many of you would like to have a conservative at your next press nd
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Marco on Outdated Regulations that Hurt Innovation
or out what I think is three hundred million dollars per employee and on the other hand you see areas like Tesla where there are states like New Jerse...
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Rand Paul Campaign Manager Chip Englander Interview
let me ask you that two questions one asking one of the is there any moment from another candidate or campaign where you thought that
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair Soapbox
asking citizens tell us what book you're reading tell us the content of your prayers let me tell you something the federal government has no business ...
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Marco Talks About ObamaCare's Threats
backlash against the plan that perhaps you have backed away from its a let me ask you directly as part of
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on MSNBC's Hardball- May 29, 2015
of Iraq being a failed state let me ask at your book is pretty clear you say some people and are too eager to go to war and
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America Dreams Of A Congress That Actually Does Something
candidates around the country is chairman the Republican governors every time I went to a state where there was a hot Senate race to they'd ask me gov...
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Marco Rubio: Immigration is a serious problem that needs to be addressed
feel like despite our generosity we are being taken advantage of and let me tell you who never gets talked about in these debates the
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Carly's interview with CNN New Day
you believe that you have solutions to these problems that are obvious to i do let's just say there are lots of politicians who make false promises bo...
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We Need A Conservative Fighter in the Senate - ABC Topline
I think we're seeing a new generation of leaders rising up in the Republican Party that are doing just that well let me ask you another question about...
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
problems in Syria Yemen Iraq and elsewhere you mentioned Syria let me ask you about Syria all of the turn
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
I think that's all of your credit deserve three point out like I can you ask me a question I give you an answer is very simple I'm
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Rubio on CNN's State of the Union (Part 2)
do you moderate about what the first of all let me say this I'm not ever run away from that title I think that limited government conservatism is
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Economic Freedom: An Animation
taxes low and regulations fair this former gov let me state through a period of