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know their sins is there some daylight in here is there some space in here that he's trying to %HESITATION not accusing you of it but I
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know their sins is there some daylight in here is there some space in here that he's trying to %HESITATION not accusing you of it but I
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Graham Criticizes Obama Administration for Release of Taliban Leaders
blown up in their face that's a serious accusation well I think it's true there is no other conclusion there's
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MSNBC Tries to Attack Marco's Petition (Full Interview)
did you hear enough from the president are the actions that here now %HESITATION satisfactory to you well first of all I think the resignation is appr...
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Marco Rubio on 'The Joe Scarborough Radio Show'
I think to some extent there of course they're they're you know they're going to get there going to get the party in that regard but but the reality o...
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Rubio: Obama has tried to undermine the Second Amendment
and terrorists do not get their guns from a gun show these his answer you name it it does if there is an act of violence in America his immediate answ...
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Sen. Ted Cruz discusses TPA and TPP with Steve Deace
Republican senator looking in our eyes is that there was no senator thank you for jumping on here and %HESITATION answering some of these questions re...
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Marco accuses Obama of presidential malpractice
you have a some new intelligence %HESITATION information here of a because %HESITATION if I understood the president correctly this one he
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Rubio on Achieving The American Dream on CNBC's Squawk Box
there there has been %HESITATION I think people are frustrated with some of the results in a sense that maybe we can't get to where our parents got th...
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Marco on Coaching His Son's Football Team
they don't I mean some of them see me on TV but I don't think we really know what it is I do and in that you know they just know me as the guy was try...
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Sasse and Ricketts in Nebraska
%HESITATION investigation on this but there were some %HESITATION were critical of this question saying that they were had a political bent to it spec...
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Congress Should Reduce Their Pay If Sequestration Cuts Take Effect
do whatever you'd like I don't like that proposal at all so do you plan to work with some of your Republican colleagues in the Senate put it on the ta...
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Marco Rubio: We Should Not Repeal the 14th Amendment
prevailing belief is that in fact it says that anyone who is born states irrespective of the status of their parents unless there %HESITATION
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Marco accuses Obama of presidential malpractice
have to go over you have to go after where there had court and what's important to understand about their presence in Syria is
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Marco on ObamaCare: "Not free and cheap insurance"
to help him walk over you know and it's going on right there well the bottom line is that when we're not just here in order to try to make it and
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Graham On The Mike Gallagher Show
evidence I could provide you know I know you're not here to scare people and I know I've known you for a long time but I have to ask you is there any ...
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Sasse and Ricketts in Nebraska
and Dorsen is made there's got to be something going back to %HESITATION the endorse or in this case is that happening here is it is
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Marco Rubio discusses "Black Lives Matter" & Cuba
tools of the trade etcetera we do need to address that and it is particularly troubling among young African American male I think there's a lot of dif...
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Graham Questions Nuclear Security Administrator On MOX Program
do not there is high level waste in Savannah River already that's being vitrified as I know you're aware of the study says you have to bring some in f...
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Donald Trump Attacked by Fox News Panelist: He Can't Even Negotiate with Macy's!
what we need some without the track record especially if you look into it you know so I live in New Jersey I'm not that thrilled with with Christmas i...
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
know there's couple weeks left and some come to the Jersey Shore and it's great I don't want to see because of the lake areas here in in
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Marco Stops by Fox and Friends
we are allied with in Syria what is his and walk up one games what he's trying to say the world not to focus on what's happening there in particular w...
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Marco Rubio Discusses This Administration's Deals With Iran And Cuba
just came off a major speech here in New York City %HESITATION just twenty minutes ago that can get over that part of what you said is that the presen...
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Graham On National Security: We Must Up Our Game
this will not come without %HESITATION some costs yeah there's nothing you can do in Surrey without risk but the greatest risk is a failed state will ...
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Graham- Terrorist Detainees Should Be Tried At Gitmo
in my view pers %HESITATION %HESITATION is a treasure trove of information about not only out Kato but maybe things going on in Iran there's allegatio...
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Marco Rubio Slams Trump: He Has No Class
that %HESITATION that invites you to stars there you know each cereal out of a bathtub %HESITATION that accuses his you
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Marco: Sequestration Hurting the Blue Angels in Florida (Fox News)
I don't like a lot of people is that that's right and and here's the point look I'm very proud national defense %HESITATION but I would say this there...
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Governor Huckabee on Fox Business - 6/10/15
over four million federal workers and what I suggested is look at their going to hack attack them you know expose some of their Communist Party top of...
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Martin O'Malley hosts roundtable in New Hampshire on debt-free college
know getting a job for you know doing anything outside make money that there needs to be some sort of compensation i work study their