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had a hundred percent when my dad came home he was a bartender but when you punch the clock he was home when I'm home sometimes and I hung among
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had a hundred percent when my dad came home he was a bartender but when you punch the clock he was home when I'm home sometimes and I hung among
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Ted Cruz at #VVS14: We Need a Choice, Not an Echo!
impressed her at all except for reading green eggs and ham and I tell you when I came home Caroline she was five than she had her arms crossed he look...
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
he did and he did and uncle Steve when uncle Steve came home from the war the
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Sen. Ted Cruz Addresses the South Carolina GOP Silver Elephant Dinner
was eighteen years old he came to Texas when he arrived he couldn't speak English she had nothing except for a hundred dollar sewn into his underwear ...
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Rubio on The View (6/25/12)
ends with us with the story that lay he was a Democrat shared with me when he was a younger senator he had a chance to go somewhere with the present h...
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CPAC: Marco Rubio's Speech (Part 3)
to my mama was just coming home from the overnight shift at the store clerk I came when you're young and in a hurry the meaning of those long but
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
saw the in ground pool still the but there was no other evidence that a home had ever been when
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
we don't need you anymore imagine that conversation could you imagine that dad when he's driving home or that mom when she's driving home they
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Ted Cruz "Democrats are blocking funding the Veterans"
went into our insurance exchange and read island when I was home over the weekend there was a family at
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher Show
I mean he fought the Cuban Revolution when he was a kid and he fled Cuba when he was eighteen years old I came to America and
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
Obama made a promise to the American people when you were and I said you know what I'm gonna do my best to bring American troops home
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Bernie Sanders on universal healthcare, taxing the rich and taking on Clinton
had a taxes not was far more progressive than it was like when you have around ninety percent yeah why
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Four Percent | Jeb Bush
means that feeling when you're driving home from work and you
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A Bright Future | Jeb Bush
when he came into office, and seventy-four percent of our schools
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Marco Talks About Growing Up In Las Vegas on KSNV
father a bartender at Sam's town but he says he did grow up privileged and I grew up with two parents an unstable home who
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Gov. Martin O'Malley - "Two Days in Iowa"
William was nine years when William was nine years old I was at home and together we were watching a history channel's civil
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Rubio on The View (6/25/12)
I'm home sometimes and I hung among the email I'm you know people are calling me they want to know things I worry about that because I know that they
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Marco Joins Filibuster, Questions Administration's Drone Usage
it's not the same in a battlefield but he's bringing battlefield strategy home we have to know when he should before
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Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
and that was very hard but I was raised in a Christian home I was raised being taught that marriage was a sacrament and and my
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We Have To Stop Worrying About Being Loved And Start Worrying About Being Respected
thank you back into this and I was born into a middle class family in New Jersey my dad came home from serving in the army after having lost the spot ...
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Saving the Free Market -- KBTV Beaumont Interview
know well in your personal %HESITATION my dad is from Cuba he was born in Cuba dropping Cuba as a teenager when he was fourteen he began fighting with...
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Ted Cruz talks #ATimeforTruth with Fox and Friends
why they came in he ended up not sending the letter but it but it was a fairly harrowing when you're seven dnmt well
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Graham Opposes Gun Magazine Limit and Assault Weapons Ban
man broke into home she was at home with her twin daughters he just gotten out of jail had a crowbar she
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It's been clear that President Obama hasn't had a plan to defeat ISIS.
when King Abdullah of Jordan was here in this country when the Jordanian pilot was burned alive he was here asking for bombs and materiel the
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Graham Discusses Gun Violence, Alice Boland Case in South Carolina
she was confined to a mental health institution by the court %HESITATION when she got out she went home February
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
when they came home from school I knew I was gonna have to tell them when they asked his mom okay I don't know lucky
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CPAC: Marco Rubio's Speech (Part 1)
you would read anything and everything he could now when I was growing up my grandfather lived with us and on many days I would sit on the porch of ou...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Grafton County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner
here eighteen I hate to but my dad was eighteen he arrived in America he couldn't speaking wish he had nothing but a hundred dollar sound into his und...