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Training for the ballet, Potter?
Training for the ballet, Potter?
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Hillary Clinton at the 2015 U.S. Conference of Mayors
persistent experimentation here in san francisco mayor lee is expanding a workforce training program for
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Marco Goes On the Record to Discuss the Crisis in Syria
failure when we only train wait for five train and equip and then we hear last see that's the president says he bends to
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Marco slams news media for not covering IRS controversy
recruited trained plotted and ultimately carried out the nine eleven attacks on the homework I so the
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Hillary Clinton at the 2015 U.S. Conference of Mayors
and chicago the mayor they're finding new ways to help workers train and compete for jobs in
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America's Education System Needs A Disruption
our businesses are begging for welders machinists and BMW technicians trained right here in the U. S. I
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Announcement Speech
herself in training for a job that pays a maximum amount we will never break the cycle of poverty by
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Rand Paul Appears on NBC's Meet the Press- May 17, 2015
are more at risk for attack from people who are training organizing in Friday in Iraq then
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Ted Cruz: Stand for Principle!
this train wreck this disaster that is obamacare that is hurting millions of people the Democrats and the mainstream media said
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For Our Veterans | Jeb Bush
If we are going to be serious as a leader in the world, we have to have the finest best-trained,
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Bernie Sanders On Black Lives Matter
training good training progressive education toy wrestling jobs for young people dnmt
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Bernie Sanders On Black Lives Matter
invest you please training good training justification for wrestling charts nnnnn
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit
are training upwards of a hundred of Americans right now to come back here and visit the same tear on
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Carly Fiorina's hour with Sean Hannity part 1
also think it's far more productive for me as a candidate for the Republican primary to be training my fire on Hillary Clinton then
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Hurricane Response | Jeb Bush
We trained for this and we’re well-coordinated.
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Marco Talks Immigration on The Mike Gallagher Show (4/30/13)
problems some component of the bill is you know maybe you have a very valid points back I've heard some ballet let's
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Marco on Face the Nation - January 12, 2014
at all fertile territory for al Qaeda and other radical training can plot attacks against the homeland and our interests around the world let
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Dick Durbin makes it personal - mocks & attacks Ted Cruz' education on Senate floor
is except it everywhere but i fear the day i can no longer afford i am paying for obama's train the bill was passed surely
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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity: Voters are looking for a consistent conservative
of the insider insurgent if you and that is people of had it with the Republican Party the train their base break
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Marco: "You will not defeat ISIS from the air"
than our ability to identify train equip and place in the field %HESITATION these rebel elements or anybody for that matter isis
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Graham Speaks On The Threats Posed By Al-Qaeda
had been planning and training in Germany to blow up a lot and for structure some of it I think was in Chicago so
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Marco discussing France's unity rally and economic opportunity in America
second is you have to have the skills for twenty first century John %HESITATION today more than ever higher paying jobs require a higher level of trai...
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Marco Answers: From National Security to Jobs
understand that the state that truly understand why adjusting our economy twenty first century realities is so critical for prosperity it's a state th...
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Bernie Sanders On ISIS
for you what would it be confined to the peshmerga I know that you voted against a a arming and training Syrian rebels
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Rubio "Gaining Steam," Crist Being "Derailed"
to be with as governor Charlie Crist signs the bullet train bill in Tampa his own bid for U. S. Senate may
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
also for embracing your state I'm trying to bring their psyche back yeah I'm forgotten that everything's going to be okay it trains you the
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
from the center he calls this healthcare bill which he had done a role in he says it looks like a train wreck now when
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Marco on CNBC's Kudlow Report 8/29/12
the high tech companies ask agriculture and services and the brainiacs for sure we shouldn't be deported physicists and then our scientists and for ou...
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's New Day- May 19, 2015
to the task in well that's a real question because people are now saying we should have just stayed but we stayed for a decade we train them for a dec...