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But she's bored.
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But she's bored.
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Sen. Ted Cruz at AFP Freedom Summit
Caroline says ohh that's boring we're going to be rock stars instead and then she tosses out the zinger he
13.9 secs
Ted Cruz at the South Carolina Freedom Summit
want to work in the United States nnj I want to work with Daddy and Caroline says all that's boring she
10.2 secs
I Disagree With Obama Administration's Decision On Boston Bombing Suspect
you can read those questions for yourself I won't bore you but on March twenty fifth I ask questions that apply to what happened today I
5.9 secs
Ted Cruz on the Kelly File: I Stand with Kim Davis
she she can exercise her faith but she can't she shouldn't be in this role her job is
3.9 secs
Happy Mother's Day | Hillary Clinton
But she was determined to give me and my brothers
3.7 secs
Fighter | Hillary Clinton
But she didn’t just fight for American values abroad.
3.5 secs
Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
actually called but she said you know mister trap
3.3 secs
Possibilities | Jeb Bush
to put me away, but she said no.
7.8 secs
Family Strong | Hillary Clinton
her parents abandoned her when she was just eight years old she was mistreated but she never gave up and
5.1 secs
Making a Difference | Jeb Bush
She doesn't speak, she doesn't walk, but not being able to speak is not the same
4.7 secs
Jeb to Trump: Apologize to My Wife | Jeb Bush
country as much as anybody in this room and she wants a secure border, but she
14.3 secs
Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
see with a half but what's he doing she's answered third she needs to answer why she doesn't believe that she's accountable for
6.8 secs
Carly Fiorina outlines foreign policy plan
I don't think she has crossed that line but looking strong verses belligerent she's just being clear and
6.4 secs
Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
I think is right but if she did know it is clearly a legal Virginia dell unix actually though she
6.7 secs
Carly Fiorina: "Being underestimated is the story of my life."
vice presidential nominee but she would enrich the field as she ran when it comes to gender theory
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
graduated in nineteen eighty four she's young we will talk about specifically but she's young we were there together when
9.8 secs
Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
on television the small and she said you know Mr try she was telling other people what I actually called but she said you know Mr try I
7.1 secs
Rush Limbaugh: "I Like Rubio."
of her life he's Davy Crockett she Sami Oakley but look at the way she's portrayed today just because she's conservative now
6.4 secs
Graham, Gowdy Discuss the Latest on Benghazi with Megyn Kelly
well if she can get out of a subpoena she can get out of it but but I'm I don't send invitations a cocktail we're
6.8 secs
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox & Friends- April 27, 2015
she says well I did actually do anything but it has to be unanimous vote has she stood up and objected the sale would have gone through but
7.9 secs
Graham discusses Susan Rice and NSA with Fox News Channel Fox and Friends
you confident she's up to the job she's got a good background in national security but after being Ghazi cannot trust or can you trust her she's
20.4 secs
Ben Carson's May 4 Announcement
like see detective but the red she's you know the more but what we do with them extraordinarily hard two
5.9 secs
Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher
fellow Republican who's running like this %HESITATION but but I think she makes a point that that you with the
6.3 secs
Carly Fiorina impresses in Iowa
but she may be a long shot for president but the only female GOP candidate so far Carly Fiorina impressive
7.4 secs
This New Century is Not Just About Challenges, but Incredible Opportunities
the time she gets in the general election if in fact she is the democratic nominee she will be running against someone who has been answering question...
6.4 secs
WSYX6: First Lady Karen Kasich on Raising Awareness About Drug Abuse
school all stars it's just one community group she's involved with but try
6 secs
Ted Cruz Speaks With Neil Cavuto
Nancy Pelosi watches those videos and she feels sorry but a Planned Parenthood leaders that
10.5 secs
Carly's speech at CPAC 2015
but she does not know what leadership means nnj and so ladies and gentleman now