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- Bad Dobby! Bad! - Stop it!
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- Bad Dobby! Bad! - Stop it!
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Ted Cruz on the #StopIranDeal Rally with Sean Hannity
actually stop the bad deal I love where you're coming from on this and I think it is not
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Bad Trade Deals
we need to stop entering into bad trade deals I'm for trade and I'm for good trade deals but I'm against bad trade deals like the trans Pacific partne...
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Graham On The Mike Gallagher Show
for stop the monster that is Hamas the monster knows full well he writes that the western world has lost its appetite for bad well
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Marco Rubio: We Should Do Everything To Stop Iran Deal
Democrats know it's a bad deal that's why they all couch their terms and in the sense of I don't think it's perfect I don't think it's ideal but
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Let's Rise Up and Get It Done -- Stop this #IranDeal!
entire deal where I thought it was a bad idea from the start that was Bob Corker's bill where they basically took away you have a constitutional autho...
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Marco Rubio: We Should Do Everything To Stop Iran Deal
seems like apparently you know these guys control the world no matter what the numbers are in Congress but here's the second point I would make about ...
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
list its labor and its unions good and some bad
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Ted Cruz on Hannity: We need leadership that listens to the people back home
you have the authority to defund Planned Parenthood obamacare stop executive amnesty and stop this bad Iranian deal does
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Marco Rubio on Hannity: We Need a President That Understands America's Potential
could stop it from back well I can tell you a couple things that make it really bad virtually guarantees that Iran gets a nuclear weapon in less than ...
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
of jobs it's very bad for us cell
6.9 secs
Highlight Reel: Scott Walker's Day One Plan
deal the deal that president Obama has with Iran is bad for America it is bad for Israel it
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Marco on ObamaCare: "Not free and cheap insurance"
just passionately believe two things on a personal level I have to be able to go back home and tell people that I did everything I could to stop obama...
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Graham on U.S. - Iran Nuclear Negotiations
anybody in history it's amazing at a bad deal will lead to warn a bad deal is allowing the capability
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Graham Discusses Obamacare and Decision to Forego Federal Subsidy, Enroll in South Carolina Exchange
anybody to think that this could be stopped I don't understand why knowing how bad this is that
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A Bad Outcome | Jeb Bush
So I think it's the wrong approach, from the beginning. And I think it's a bad outcome.
3.4 secs
A Bad Outcome | Jeb Bush
It's not that they can, tomorrow, make a bomb.
9.1 secs
Sen. Ted Cruz at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting
say let's go after violent felons let's go after criminals let's protect our kids and stop the bad guys but
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A Bad Outcome | Jeb Bush
But they have the capability, with breakout technology, to do it in relatively short order.
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Carly's Q
not just because it creates jobs it's not just because it makes it harder for the bad guys to be quite so bad it's
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Stand with Ted Cruz to Stop Obama's Dangerous Deal with Iran!
the kinds of bad behavior not that we have seen in the region %HESITATION up until now nnj
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Republican Presidential Debate - 6 August - Fox News
then you convince our allies to the same this is not just bad with iran this is bad with isis it is tied together and
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Senator Graham on Fox News with Greta van Susteren
you know what flick damages prevented us because it was even a bad bad thing you know I'm American people love people horrified about student love
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Badass Bernie Sanders - Bernie Sanders Impersonations
will punch you so hard i like it this is the very bad service is great resistance let that swagger bad
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Donald Trump to Eric Bolling: 'Our Vets Are Treated Like Third-Class Citizens'
some of it is really dishonest and knowingly dishonest which is too bad so debate
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
so it's a congratulations that's the good news let me give you the bad news
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
after I told them the bad news but it could be
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
approval it is really quite simple when you reward bad behavior you get more of
6.3 secs
We Have To Stop Worrying About Being Loved And Start Worrying About Being Respected
president that weak leadership which is let the bad choice we got to stop worrying about being up this are worried about being respected and