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but she does not know what leadership means nnj and so ladies and gentleman now
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but she does not know what leadership means nnj and so ladies and gentleman now
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it and then turn around and do something else I mean what I say and I say what I mean and that's what America needs right now good
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am not looking to be the most popular guy who works in your eyes every day and tries to figure out what you want to hear say
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Scott Walker Talks American Safety & Hillary Clinton's Lack Of Leadership
a great line I'm and you're right that scare what is I mean think about it when you Hillary Clinton now she said but
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
will spare you this horrible sentence and Miriam said I cannot and I will not renounced she's nnj
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Marco on Solutions to 21st Century Challenges and Cory Gardner
talking about who's going to be a leadership and things like that but practically speaking what does that mean if the Republicans are successful and
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
for no nnj this technology exists ladies and gentleman this tech ology
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
nnj nnj it is such a blessing with so many conservative leaders and yes
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Marco Rubio defines what true bipartisanship means
does not mean getting along for the sake of getting along and it does not mean abandoning your prince of just so that you fit in with them and she
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New Leadership
America we don't coordinate and out turns mn nnj
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Carly's Q
the truth ladies and gentleman those livelihoods and lives are being destroyed not of the altar science but
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Carly's Q
year that are born alive that ladies and gentlemen is not right so nnj
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Ted Cruz on the Sean Hannity Show
what leading from behind means he does not believe that American leadership and I'll tell you shot when I travel abroad when I meet with our allies wi...
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Rand Paul in South Carolina and New Hampshire
so now most nnj nnj I don't think I
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Politics and Eggs
very nnj yeah I know dnmt so I don't nnj
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The Story of Marcus Luttrell & Rick Perry
nnj mn nnj ladies and gentlemen Marcus Luttrell nnj
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Ted Cruz on Fox and Friends Sunday
I always said I'm gonna leave leadership appropriate for them the characteristic yeah house leadership you know the most important characteristic nnj ...
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Graham Talks Benghazi Hearings With Mike Gallagher
nnj and now here's
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Women for Hillary Clinton Speech and Launch | Hillary Clinton
the grandmother nnj water is to so now she needs to find a job to
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Graham Discusses Shutdown and Potential Path Forward
of days you're not one to mince words but that's what I thought it was not that I you know dislike the president but he has shown very little leadersh...
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Jack Welch: Ted Cruz is a guy you can trust
leadership style I'm not going to vote for %HESITATION so I'll and only the Democratic Party to decide whether she
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Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces Gov. Sarah Palin at CPAC 2013
craze nnj it shakes up their entire worldview and you know what she can pick winners
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Rubio-Cantor Breakfast
and so nnj
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Jim DeMint endorses Marco Rubio for Senate
now I'm you're not doing your own party and most of the leadership in your party but backing the
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#DearLarry, How do you know this will work?
haven't heard it I and if I do I'm happy to step aside but so far I just have not nnj
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Women for Hillary Clinton Speech and Launch | Hillary Clinton
better life and she does not expect any but she asked me he is a there anything we can do so it does have
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Dan Rivers Show - Gov. John Kasich's Leadership
family does so in that first year he sick not only balance the budget but as of today Ohio
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Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
you know it's it's interesting Frank I I hope in Denver not to do so and and to the best of my knowledge in my time in the Senate I