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of ask me this week about support another invasion of Iraq of course not I don't think that's a solution at this point but I think we're going to be doing with us for sometime but ultimately the only way to solve this problem as
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of ask me this week about support another invasion of Iraq of course not I don't think that's a solution at this point but I think we're going to be doing with us for sometime but ultimately the only way to solve this problem as
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Rubio Endorses Romney for President
might that might make it more difficult for the eventual nominee do you agree with that argument no I don't have a problem with primaries but I think ...
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The Leaders Of Iran Have A Long History Of Violating Agreements
you think is a problem for your party at this point not long term Adan jumps not going to be the nominee of the Republican Party this
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
I'm just trying to figure out a way to fix it I think we've come up with a a decent starting point a very good one and I hope to be able to improve up...
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on "Hannity"
don't blame them for doing it I just don't think it's the best solution I think the best solution to this problem is for the federal government to do ...
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Marco Talks Immigration with Greta
network I think we have some difference of opinion about how to get there but ultimately I mean that that I think we agree on the goal and said look t...
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Marco Talks Foreign Policy with Greta Van Susteren
Turkey as Syria envoy and and so we know is the US just to say this is Europe's problem now now of course not I mean ultimately will impact us as well...
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Mike Huckabee On This Week 8-9-15
I think the rest of us are are doing what we're supposed to do and that's focused on getting a message out which is sometimes hard to do because are
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Carson to Obama: Skip visit to Oregon for this mass shooting and 'go to the next one'
is the ultimate test of your faith I'm glad you asked that question because I not only what
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
that's the way we got us our thinking about this everybody there but for the grace of god go I and so I'm so for treat not
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Marco Talks Foreign Policy with Hannity
we have a nominee and ultimately hopefully a president that will do that and right now we're not that's not happening it's not happening in either hou...
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (Face The Nation)
I hope that will take the opportunity here over the next few weeks as we debate this bill %HESITATION to look for ways to raise that issue I think the...
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Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin Reforms at Western Conservative Summit, Part 2
I don't know you but I think for most of us in this country we believe that success to be measured by just the
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Morning Joe Part 1- May 27, 2015
Wright yes there are a lot of things that we do this week there's a huge Iraq I think here it's insulting too big to be no
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Marco Talks Delaying Healthcare Law Penalty
problems in the way this website operates or are significant and I think it's going to be very difficult to reverse this and a number of weeks as we g...
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses ISIS Strategy with ABC's "This Week"
could we could make the reduced them to a level that's manageable I don't think that should be the objective I think the objective at this point they
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Marco calls for vote on his VA reform bill on The O'Reilly Factor
I would point to three things I think the first they have a systemic problem of governing again I mean this is a campaign that was very good at messag...
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
I do this because first of all we're not born to serve others think about this I want you to think about this we're
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Mike Huckabee On This Week 8-9-15
think you know enough is enough he's not he's not going to be our nominee we will not support him if he is I don't think that's our role I think our r...
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Scott Walker Highlights His "Power To The People" Labor Plan On The Kelly File
with Washington and so they're looking for outside voices but in the end I think I think people don't want this out of the next president what they wa...
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Rubio Talks With Trey Radel on Fort Myers' Fox 92.5 FM
state of taking action and that's what they've done I will tell you that I don't think that the best way to handle that I think the best way for this ...
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Marco Rubio A "Rock Star" At Tampa Tea Party
know they have a tough job and they're in a tough spot but I didn't I went to Washington to try to be a part of the solution and I don't think this bu...
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Marco introduces Campus Accountability and Safety Act
bill is going to solve every problem in the world ultimately as a society we must do a better job of condemning this there every
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Mike Huckabee On This Week 8-9-15
I believe in the fair tax but it's sometimes hard because all people want to ask me is what I think about Donald Trump but
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What Do I Think Of Hillary Clinton's Record?
I think you're looking at %HESITATION but whoever the nominee is going to be a problem I you could be worried about a lot of things you
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Marco talking about Iraq on Hannity
nor my calling for that but you don't start by telling terrorists here's what we're not going to do second I think we need to use American power prima...
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MSNBC Tries to Attack Marco's Petition (Full Interview)
I don't know as it is but what I'm but but here's the point of mine I'm trying to get a petition of American citizens and Americans who support us in ...
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Rubio Talks "An American Son" and Immigration on CBS' "This Morning"
think the way he did it by nor in the car constitution and ignoring the Congress is going to make it harder for us to come up with the kind of balance...