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You would have done well in Slytherin.
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You would have done well in Slytherin.
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's New Day- May 19, 2015
that cartoon drawing contest what would president rand Paul have done in retaliation well
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Ted Cruz on Fox 26 in Houston
never anything quote unquote politician can do to change it what would you want to see done to get the gas prices down to more reasonable level well
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Sen. Rand Paul Joins Wolf Blitzer on 'The Situation Room'- May 13, 2015
of all I guess I was talking about given would you have done knowing what we know now so in other words if you in
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on the Today Show
would you have done that if you were governor we do not accept the money your states in big trouble that's a false choice is not about accepting
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Rubio Talks "An American Son" and Immigration on CBS' "This Morning"
don't get that right and I share mistakes that I've made you know decisions I made in a while back while I started out in politics that I wish I had d...
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Marco On The Laura Ingraham Show (Part 1)
here in the studio and mark are you done doing well thanks to have me back you know the fate you know doesn't Gainesville that was again Gainesville
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Graham Outlines His Opposition to Obamacare
they chose let him say no I'm going to ask every state house and if you got into the state house would you vote to stay in or would you have done that
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Graham Outlines His Opposition to Obamacare
him say no I'm going to ask every state house candidates if you got into the state house would you vote to stay in or would you have done that
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Graham discusses Susan Rice and NSA with Fox News Channel Fox and Friends
going to have to establish well less right why would you pick somebody who is clearly %HESITATION in
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Graham Opposes Leahy UAFA Amendment Legalizing Gay Visas
I've done three so I hope this is the last one I participate in to %HESITATION you have really handle this tough issue well your
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George Pataki on Obamacare
and done in a way that use the private sector and i would recommend states do that as well
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Graham on CBS Face the Nation
what you say yeah that's unwarranted but what what will happen next if he doesn't well I would hope that we would have in regular order a
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Mike Huckabee - O'Reilly Factor Appearance - 9-19-15
would you have done a stunt to try to get attention well I I had to the questions and I got I only got because I did interrupted just basically shoe
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WPLG-TV: Interview with Marco Rubio Part 3
know to run your campaign if takes money and you have done pretty well you've
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Mike Huckabee - O'Reilly Factor Appearance - 9-19-15
horned my way into the discussion I'm not sure but I done that I would have ended up having one question the entire night well
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Marco talking about Higher Education Reform on CNBC's Squawk Box
it's not you who would you like well I think we have a you mentioned governor bush and there are others governor Walker in the sky doesn't are
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Larry Kudlow Show
solves a lot of problems in brief center grows what would you have us do if you were president well Larry you are exactly right it
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Rand Paul Campaign Manager Chip Englander Interview
announcement was well well I I think there's been a number of people have done well and has for random in gearing quality he's I
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The Leaders Of Iran Have A Long History Of Violating Agreements
American sanctions that are in the law right now senator is there any realistic deal with Iran that that you would have support well
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Bernie Sanders On Struggle
we have done it in recent years
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
bear responsibility for this refugee crisis and what would you have done when sheriff's on cross that line number
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Rubio on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report"
a senator how would you handle that well I think the truth is that we never should have been in that position to begin with for
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
the guardian declaring you are done forty eight hours after you have declared into that you say well
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Graham 'Will Not Be Intimidated' by Union
want us to do well in South Carolina and Washington I am not going to stop fighting this complaint I have done nothing wrong in
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Election Results with CNN
big smile on your face the Republicans have done incredibly well you're not going to be in the majority in the United States Senate quickly
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This Is How To Build The Most Innovation-Friendly Economy In The World
nations if we had done this ten we would have a quite five hundred and ninety billion dollars were I will also establish a
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Sen. Paul Appears on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper- May 22, 2015
the Kurds would have to give up any pretension to morning land in Turkey would have to be a three way peace deal well
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Hugh Hewitt Praises Scott Walker For Leading Charge On Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal
just onsite work out a plan and got things done frankly if you do it well you've got a lot of things prepare for would