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fifty million dollars for for people and they're down to four five they have been slaughtered at least left to be us inward born in on the ground we're
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fifty million dollars for for people and they're down to four five they have been slaughtered at least left to be us inward born in on the ground we're
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Marco explains how ObamaCare is hurting real people
dollar and they still can't get it right as the website went down yesterday for six hours how they're going to run our healthcare what on earth are yo...
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2 Million American Jobs Will Be Left Unfilled In The Next Decade
having difficulty for yet we still tell our students to get a degree they have to spend four years on a case tens
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (The Mike Huckabee Show)
problem is that millions of people that are in this country illegally have been here for more than a decade and they've got children that are US citiz...
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I Have Confidence The American People Are Strong Enough To Hear The Truth
means test but only for those people are making over two hundred thousand dollars here in retirement income that forty five million dollars in liquid ...
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Who the Club for Growth Is, Why They Back Rubio
is the difference we're now looking for people who stick their finger up in the wind and try to determine what's popular during the two thousand eight...
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Martin O'Malley hosts roundtable in New Hampshire on debt-free college
go to about two hundred five thousand dollars for the two uh my wife and i actually look at about sixty thousand dollars they
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Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
it will awaken the body of Christ and lift us up to rise up for the fifty four million evangelicals who are staying home to
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Ted Cruz at Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day
millions of dollars of fines on them because they're unwilling to pay for contraceptives that their faith teaches them they
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Marco Calls For a Safe Zone in Syria
that they're they're they're going to have to be confronted on the ground and my argument Sudanese than cells are them on the ground and we need to he...
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Sen. Ted Cruz with Neil Cavuto on 2016 race: We are competing nationwide
she is going to need to raise at least fifty million dollars between now and South Carolina and I think they're only a handful of candidates of the pr...
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Marco on Solutions to 21st Century Challenges and Cory Gardner
it done this is really down and he realized suddenly that allow us to have five thousand dollars in cash which of course they don't and I right
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Ted Cruz discusses #ATimeForTruth on the Michael Berry Show
three to five tomorrow he will be in Katy at the books a million on Thursday for
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Marco On Fox Business Network
I want to be held account I want to three four years in the my Senate term for people to look at me and and see but I have to fill the
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Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans
billions of dollars to the wealthiest people in this country they support a situation where one out of four major
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Graham Questions General Dunford on Situation in Afghanistan
what what it's going to be four point one billion dollars for the program a record %HESITATION increasing the program a record and sustaining pastor e...
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Marco Talks Russia and Syria on the Kelly File
in these particular instances but at least five times it was attempted by the Russians according to latest senator Marco Rubio thank you so much for b...
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Marco Talks Russia and Syria on the Kelly File
I heard her private email was attempted to be happier at least five attempts for me by the Russians and
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses TPA & TPP on the Kuhner Report
you go to Pennsylvania fifty five thousand factories have been closed five to six million jobs manufacturing jobs have
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Lessig on Equal Citizens
a prime a primary takes time members of Congress in candidates for Congress been anywhere between thirty and seventy percent of their time dialing for...
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Campaign Strategy Update | State of the Race with Robby Mook | Hillary Clinton
gets us to just under seventy five million dollars so far in the campaign and it puts us on a great path to reach the hundred million dollars were goi...
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Ted Cruz Talks #CNNDebate and More with Sean Hannity
get to %HESITATION have twenty four days at least twenty four days notice for inspections they even get their own inspectors and in certain parts of t...
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Ted Cruz speaks with Human Events at CPAC
every lobbyist in the state has to write but the difference has been he raised his four million dollars eight
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Marco Rubio on FOX Business
has never been able to spend the thing to prosperity and all now all we have left to show for it is almost a trillion dollars in debt is
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Graham Discusses 2014 Veterans' Access to Care Act
provides five billion dollar and it gives a seven million dollars for the opening of a new primary care and
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Ted Cruz with Fred Hofmann
not send five hundred million dollars in taxpayer funds the Planned Parenthood but they were nowhere to be found they were in witness protection and
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We need your support before midnight!
getting ten dollars or twenty five dollars to fifty dollars we ended up raising two million dollars within seventy two hours and and actually tonight ...
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Marco on Solutions to 21st Century Challenges and Cory Gardner
thirty five dollars an hour you talk about biting on behalf of people that is a life changing develop the Democrats have no answer for the that