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they wanted Boeing secrets they wanted their patents in all their secrets
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they wanted Boeing secrets they wanted their patents in all their secrets
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
truck when we said trucks and other things over the ask vote they wanted Boeing secrets they wanted their patents in all their secrets before
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Marco Discusses Obama's Failed Policies
why aren't they campaigning on these things aren't they bragging about obamacare in their ads is that they want their campaigns to be about
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Marco Discusses Obama's Failed Policies
to their states in campaign with a minute fact they don't want to come or when it comes to their state they are a lot of ways %HESITATION
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VIDEO: 4 Days To Go
messages being warmly embraced and received by people from all walks of life they want to see their voice represented in Washington DC and
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Gov. Romney Endorses Rubio In Tampa
economically they're going to cite how they want to live their lives and pursue the dreams of their own heart and that decision and
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Lawrence Lessig at NH Democratic Convention | Full Speech 09.19.2015
people who raced out of their house in zero degree weather to greet us didn't authorize secret party and shakes they
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Marco Calls For a Safe Zone in Syria
want no US military presence increasing all US diplomatic presence the their goal is to drive us from the region and they can drive us from the region...
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Marco Speaking at CPAC Colorado
worker who wants to become the all the person who saved for years because they have this really good idea and I want to take their life savings in use...
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Marco: "You will not defeat ISIS from the air"
know in fact we shouldn't be pressuring them at all they should be wanting to do that Nico Bonnie is on their border half an essence all of those refu...
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Donald Trump to Eric Bolling: 'Our Vets Are Treated Like Third-Class Citizens'
people that I met when I was in Laredo we have some incredible people school border patrol people they want to do their jobs they
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Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Has Been Exposed As Being Incompetent
today they hack into our computers they steal our guard government and private sector secrets the rapidly expanding their military to challenge us in ...
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Senator Rubio Addresses AAN's Hispanic Leadership Network
want their children to have a better life than himself it's the reason why people come to this country because they couldn't be who they were meant to...
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Sen. Ted Cruz on Special Report's Center Seat
there are some politicians in Washington that beat their chests they want to show their top so they say absolutely boots on the ground there are other...
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#ATimeForTruth on the Glenn Beck Program
us to believe as they want conservatives to believe that all the lost their abandon hope all ye who enter here so
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Graham On The Mike Gallagher Show
and Barbara are Sunni Muslims so these Islamic state fighters they want to convert that their
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Donald Trump to Eric Bolling: 'Our Vets Are Treated Like Third-Class Citizens'
all they wanted is security at the border that's all they wanted they wanted security the border they didn't want the illegals pouring in Phoenix
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Ben Carson's May 4 Announcement
stand up for what they because they don't want to be called and and when I no they don't want their job but isn't it time
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Hillary's Fight Against Citizens United | Hillary Clinton
as much money as they wanted to, to get elected candidates that they thought best represented their agenda.
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Marco Talks About The Romney Campaign on Meet The Press
their American counterparts that they want you know with whom they would be negotiating what is your reaction to well
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Marco Rubio: Cuba Hasn't Changed, They Won't Change
get to walk out their outdated center huge for updated one and in ten years they're gonna be able to do whatever they want and
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Carly Fiorina: "Being underestimated is the story of my life."
saying you know all you care about is one issue and if you ask women want their what they care about caseload
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Rubio on The View (6/25/12)
when they were my age that hopes and they had dreams and they had things they wanted to do and for some multiple reasons it became impossible their
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Marco Rubio: We Want More Investment, Why Would We Tax It?
of those people will eventually get married their taxes come down don't have children their taxes come down where they never get married or have child...
7.2 secs
Ben Carson Wants to Heal, Inspire, Revive America
I am more concerned about their future after I worry how will they get the education
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Ted Cruz Talks #CNNDebate and More with Sean Hannity
the net result of their tactics are that they cave in Obama gets what he wants and that happens every single solitary time pretty much without excepti...
7.5 secs
Defend Religious Liberty
wanted to have a same sex wedding in their church and the old guard sure devout Mennonites they very politely very respectfully submit that
14.4 secs
GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
their wars forum they need to fight their wars we need to defend american interests but it's not in america's national security and i decided to have ...