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get those contribution to the folks who gave the money can never give it again almost ninety seven percent of the money I've raised this come from people I can give over and over again and
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get those contribution to the folks who gave the money can never give it again almost ninety seven percent of the money I've raised this come from people I can give over and over again and
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Sen. Ted Cruz on Capital Tonight from the North Carolina GOP Convention
ninety five percent of those contributions were hundred dollars or less and I think the reason we're saying that record shattering fund raising the
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Sen. Ted Cruz. Video Message to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference
contributed support the over ninety five percent of the contributions at Ted Cruz dot org one
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses TPA & TPP on the Kuhner Report
people are saying over and over again why would you give president Obama more power this is not getting president Obama more power and then I
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Ted Cruz on the Radio with Sean Hannity
we've got to stand for the people it's got it's got to come from the people the money we've raised has been a hundred and seventy five thousand contri...
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Rubio on Tampa Bay Fox 13 (Two of Two)
how the Congress and some of the U. S. Senate of the U. S. these are folks that took over and basically became fundraising machine how much money can ...
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Raising Money
one of the interesting things about this campaign was how difficult it will specially early on the start raising I don't have a statewide network out ...
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Marco Rubio on FOX Business
know you know what our donors are from all over Florida all over the country have thirteen thousand donors already and almost ninety eight percent of ...
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Raising Money
for your camp even my four year old I'm into it and and it it just inspires me gives me energy to push her my kids take me and they respect me I guess...
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Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
opportunity for millions of people from all over the world to come with nothing and achieve anything the
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Rubio on Tampa Bay Fox 13 (One of Two)
give again and to build on that base with Newt and over time that base big the growing compound itself that's the power fundraising from small grassro...
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Proud to join pro-life leaders in responding to the latest despicable news from Planned Parenthood.
denying women over and over again ultrasound so that they can see the life they carry with them and
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This is Not the End of the Fight Against ObamaCare | Jeb Bush
wrong over and over and over again. Obamacare is the the best example of it
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Ted Cruz with Sheriff David Clarke on the Sean Hannity Show
lot of people are getting excited a lot of those folks are coming over and supporting my campaign because the natural next question it okay
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Republican Presidential Debate - 6 August - Fox News
and over again we cannot give away money we don't have we do not project
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Ted Cruz joins the Mark Levin Show
syllable of every word of it and to win it's all going to come down to raising money you know every time I've been on with you I
9.3 secs
Bernie Sanders On Money In Politics
over a billion dollars so little HIH feature so then the question comes if I can that is out there to represent working families and
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A Message from Jim Webb
against another we can get there again the american dream does survive i see it every day and the journey of my wife hong who
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Donald Trump on Hitting Back at Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry Over Insults - June 22, 2015
since friends and he called me up out of the blue I never met the guy that he wanted to come in for campaign contributions he gave me a special and
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Rubio on Tampa Bay Fox 13 (Two of Two)
know people that cover politics like a sport the pun they don't understand campaigns like my to them it's all about how much money can you raise and h...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner
gonna see TV commercials all over this country of Democrats who voted to give themselves a special exemption from obamacare their constituents don't g...
7.3 secs
Bernie Sanders on universal healthcare, taxing the rich and taking on Clinton
percent of what I suggested about ninety percent all but you can remember that on the people like Dwight David Eisenhower we
8.7 secs
Marco Rubio On Crist's First Campaign Ads
I mean and I think it's going to be the theme of the campaign is the still the folk that by raising spending enough money I change
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show
then again mark you know in the last couple of months we've had over a hundred thousand people come to Ted Cruz dot org contribute
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Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
I don't know how you're possibly still able to stand on ninety ninety seven point six percent of your dinner and
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Ted Cruz Iowa caucus speech
and over again to stand by our friend and ally the nation of Israel and if you wanna come who
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Marco Rubio Responds to The President's State Of The Union Address on Hannity
is talking about raising when he says thirty percent all the richest Americans and pay no less than thirty percent well the richest Americans make the...
10.4 secs
Graham Wins Republican Nomination (Part I)
Melissa and less of our money overseas to people who hate our guts and give some to Canada who will come to myrtle beach and spend nnj