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Care Packages | Jeb Bush
Hey. How are you doing? Hey guys, how are you? Good to see you guys.
6.8 secs
Donald Trump OWNS Lindsey Graham for Badmouthing, Gives Out Cell Phone Number
wants for deb i give what i didn't like hey hey or mister trump sir how you what can i do for you so
3.5 secs
Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
hey and that tax
6.1 secs
Sen. Ted Cruz at Politics and Eggs
Hey Rupert you kn OneNote
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Brown's Lobster Pound | Jeb Bush
Hey guys, can I say hello?
8.8 secs
Bernie Sanders On Racial Justice
need to rethink the war on drugs Hey dnmt any
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Four and a Half Hours at the Iowa State Fair | Jeb Bush
I'm Rhonda. Hey Ronda, how are you doing?
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Yellow Dog at The Varsity | Jeb Bush
Hey...how are you? I meet you earlier this summer.
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Stand With Pastors
of us cold as believers speak out Hey man nd and I would encourage every
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Four Percent | Jeb Bush
realize, "hey I'm driving home from work and not looking for work." Jeb's plan? You can
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Healing Wounds | Hillary Clinton
The flag coming down is a symbol like, "Hey, we're ready to have this conversation."
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Jeb on the Trail | Jeb Bush
Hey, were in Manchester, New Hampshire at one of my favorite hotels.
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Sasse and Ricketts in Nebraska
are saying Hey I assume everything in politics is some sort of a quid pro quo what when
7.7 secs
Bernie Sanders at DNC Summer Meeting (Full Speech)
I think it is also fair to say that a lot has changed in the last few months Hey
6.4 secs
Marco Rubio: Dominates CNBC Debate | Marco Rubio for President
this week Hillary Clinton won before committee she admitted she had sent emails to her family saying Hey the
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Governor O'Malley at the 2013 New Hampshire Jefferson Jackson Dinner
Gomery bus boycott and as William watched the story he turned to me and he said Hey dad back
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Graham Mr. President Our Systems Are Not Working
question is why was there no follow up was not put in a database that said Hey watch
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Graham Outlines His Opposition to Obamacare
state to opt out you won't so I'm gonna take this debate out of Washington governor Hey leann line is
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A Message From Rand
Hey guys thanks for all your support with trying to fight against the NSA spying on Americans
8.9 secs
Graham Discusses Problems with Obamacare Rollout
healthcare costs of more than seven thousand dollars over the next three years so Lindsey Graham joins us Hey that's
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Saving the Free Market -- KBTV Beaumont Interview
Hey I was gonna say the air Robinson ntis told it but we're gonna I was going to mention
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Rand Paul "Politics & Eggs" Speech
mean Hey office and the rise of radical Islam Libya yellowish orange Libya is in order disaster
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"Cruz's Fundraising is the Story"
the dollars raised by some of their leading candidates and found it Hey cruises money came from all
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
Hey I'm Protestant numbers material but you and the idea of asking for forgiveness that's not a center is
9.7 secs
Rick Perry Presidential Announcement Speech
clothes till i went off to college i attended hey creek rule school grades one through twelve played
8.9 secs
Economic Freedom: An Animation
hey it's your boss remember promotion i told you about well i've been good news visitors of this website learn
6.5 secs
Bernie Sanders Responds To Hillary Clinton Health Care Attacks | MSNBC
Medicare for all for awhile single payer program and I will fight alright senator Bernie Sanders thank you for joining me pretty Hey
9.5 secs
Ohio Gov. John Kasich's Remarks at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference
to people and announces the hymns and everything I yet the commentator did show up so the pastor of the church said Hey get out of that those