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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
And he actually did.
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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
He did something about it.
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Reviews: Jeb "Strong" Made Trump "Shrink" | Jeb Bush
he needed to show a little strength and he did.
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Graham Criticizes Obama Administration for Release of Taliban Leaders
the candidate Obama complained about about he did but here's what he did he bypassed a process where
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A Bright Future | Jeb Bush
onto problems and creates solutions. That's what he did
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
he did and he did and uncle Steve when uncle Steve came home from the war the
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#ATimeForTruth on the Mike Gallagher Show
very artfully say he's a he speaks in a colorful manner he did obviously
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Scott Walker Talks Securing The Border & Replacing ObamaCare On "This Week"
believe some twenty two times twenty two times before he did what he did last November that he couldn't do he
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
conscience he didn't worry about polls he didn't worry about popularity he did what he thought was
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Jim DeFede: Marco Rubio Was Deliberate, Spoke About The Facts
Margaritaville was very deliberate he spoke a lot about facts and I think he did himself well he
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The President Honors the Life of Reverend Clementa Pinckney
he did not thirty he was in the pulpit by thirteen pastor by eighteen public servant by twenty three he
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Donald Trump Sean Hannity FULL Interview - Obama Gun Control Actions
executive action that he did have the authority of the power to do but he did it anyway the Republicans didn't stop right that
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This Is What We Got From A Hillary Reset Button
any president in my lifetime and he did it through strength he did it by letting the rot the Soviets at the time no tear
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Marco Campaigns in Atlanta
the election he did tell those here that he needed only votes but he we need to do Davis volunteers
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Highlight Reel: Scott Walker's Day One Plan
could not do what he did last November he said he was at the airport he was the president he said he wasn't above the law and
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Transparency v. Secrecy | Jeb Bush
He gave out his email address [email protected], which he said he did as governor of Florida and
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Graham Previews Benghazi Hearing With Military Leaders
first thing I want to know is in detail what did the president do what what did he Warners did you make if he ordered %HESITATION
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Casino Gambling in Florida | Jeb Bush
gambling in Florida. Yes you did. He supports Pelosi, he supports Schumer, he
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Ted Cruz with Stephen Bannon: The Senate will be the Battleground
what he did is he signed a two paragraph order that attempted to order the state courts to
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
and I supported what he did our job is to train and provide military support
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Graham on Benghazi: "We now have the smoking gun"
than you could let Richard Nixon get away with what he did
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
n. n. to be nice but he did say that nnnnn we had a legitimate misunderstanding
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The Reagan Approach | Jeb Bush
he did keep us safe. Are we going to take the Reagan approach, the hopeful
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Graham: Susan Rice Deserves a Subpoena, Not An Apology
don't know anything he did we don't know where he was that night we don't know when he went to bed we don't know what he did months before when the co...
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Darline 60
how don't see he how did he it did take on it that take responsibility on that of raising responsibility a of little raising sister a that
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Darline 60
how don't see he how did he it did take on it that take responsibility on that of raising responsibility a of little raising sister a that
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Rand Paul Campaign Manager Chip Englander Interview
should be for intervention for the second he did oppose Sherri intervention in Libya and he oppose the arming of