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nnat I I say that somewhat tongue in cheek but
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nnat I I say that somewhat tongue in cheek but
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Ted Cruz at the South Carolina Freedom Summit
to our friends in the media I say that's somewhat tongue in cheek but but think about it for a second imagine
8.2 secs
Sen. Ted Cruz at the Grafton County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner
somewhat tongue in cheek to our friends from the fourth estate who are with us but I want you to think for a second imagine
7.5 secs
Graham Wins Republican Nomination (Part I)
nnat even in South Carolina dnmt it
8.1 secs
Donald Trump Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015 Full Speech
single one I mean I can give you the names but I don't want to embarrass people yeah TV a couple in that nnat
9.4 secs
Ben Carson's May 4 Announcement
leann I %HESITATION nnat
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Rudy Giuliani: "Marco is exactly what Florida needs."
would endorse this twice nnat nnat so that didn't you the only ill feeling but I probably came away from the campaign was not
9.4 secs
Ben Carson's May 4 Announcement
leann I %HESITATION nnat
7.6 secs
Marco Rubio discusses his tax plan
always personal and it didn't bother me but it's become about that you know I wish him well in his retirement nnat
3.7 secs
I Feel Good About A Christie, Clinton Match Up
my chances nnat
6.9 secs
Ted Cruz on the Howie Carr Show
was somewhat surprised that during the speech he %HESITATION he suddenly met says I you know and I'm going to be doing a %HESITATION rally in
-4.3 secs
Marco on ISIL and IRAN
is a very cynical I mean you have to be cynical to you know the to Israel that nnat I mean because his critics say to
10.7 secs
Donald Trump Talks Being the Front Runner of the GOP Presidential Race
I mean now I dnmt doing something someone that someone I mean that you're in the lead right now you have a lot nnat
10.6 secs
Ted Cruz on the Chris Salcedo Show
late that are saying we've progressed murder about a powerful moment to say and always behave in the world nnat
8.5 secs
Marco on Putin and Russia
are you a complete some of a role somewhat of a role in that in terms of experts but I think ultimately you need to see countries like Norway and othe...
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A Call for Expanded Pre-K (new)
pn nnat I am the governor dnmt
6.3 secs
Who is Marco's Favorite Hip Hop Artist?
not I camera nnat you're Hillary
9.8 secs
I Will Make No Apologies For Protecting Safety Of American People
I want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent Americans nnat
6.2 secs
Sen. Graham Discusses Iran and Nuclear Weapons
the nndb I don't know nnat
6.3 secs
You Can Do It On A Reality TV Show, But You Can't Do It As POTUS
like Donald our nnat beside him and by the way as to why I
10.2 secs
That is a lot of cell phones!
nnj I have the same dream same future our nnat Erica
7.8 secs
Ted Cruz on Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson
Turnbull I wanna ask you a question en a LA and we'll put you in somewhat of an awkward position here but it it seems like when
9.1 secs
Graham Discusses Gun Violence, Alice Boland Case in South Carolina
individually and somewhat collectively and here's what I think will happen I think when it comes to the magazine size limitation that
8.8 secs
Marco on LeBron James and the Heat
%HESITATION and so I think that will have somewhat of an impact on the Honda on the community there in Akron Cleveland senator
6.8 secs
Marco: Sequestration Hurting the Blue Angels in Florida (Fox News)
know the great military prowess that we have in this country I find it to be somewhat of a kind of ploy a
11.4 secs
Values Voters Go Wild for Cruz
in seventeen seventy six nnat I think some of my friends from there then right now fifty
7.4 secs
Rudy Giuliani: "Marco is exactly what Florida needs."
nt reliable sensible considerate wrote to say because he goes to the nnat Lacan's Mister mayor I mean and and and
10.3 secs
Sen. Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
I just felt I thought is it you get points for that you know for my daughter that's a good tongue twister waiting for all of us at the meeting and I s...