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inefficiently let me say we have great men and women of service in the intelligence community and it is never going to be one hundred percent but
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inefficiently let me say we have great men and women of service in the intelligence community and it is never going to be one hundred percent but
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Morning Joe Part 2- May 27, 2015
every hundred black women they're only six the black men laugh men have been incarcerated some of the started under Bill Clinton they went too far und...
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Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders - Part 2
mean it's not just that we lost sixty seven hundred brave men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan it's the five hundred thousand can be with
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Rand Paul Appears On the Record- April 13, 2015
which is not a huge number compared to twenty two percent of men and you have so the largest Fred between women and men I've
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Donald Trump explains his immigration plan
and we'll hopefully get a lot of people coming in and they're all going to come in legal we're going to get rid of the bad ones because we have some r...
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Scott Walker Offers Condolences To Families Of Chattanooga Marines
we need to make sure that our men and women in uniform now we have the resources to protect us and keep ourselves our country say they
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Graham Criticizes Obama Administration for Release of Taliban Leaders
the intelligence community give the input for the Congress could have a say I think one of the result he wanted last week to be a great with
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Graham Discusses Obamacare and Decision to Forego Federal Subsidy, Enroll in South Carolina Exchange
president Cheney is a hundred percent right the bill never would have passed in the white house's honest and we want you jump to join the discussion t...
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I Am The Only Guy On This Stage With A Detailed Plan On Entitlement Reform
seventy one percent of federal spending right now is on entitlements and debt service seventy one percent and
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Carly's Q
one hundred percent you are right Sir here's the thing if we want to stop the spread of crony capitalism what we must do is not just reduce the size a...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
major victories for conservatives and the men and women in this room have one let's
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A Memorial Day Message From Rand
should reflect on the selfless service of others our men and women in uniform who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom and liberty thi...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Grafton County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner
each and everyone of you it is because of each of the men and women in this room if you look to Washington you'll have nothing but despair and despond...
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Graham Intelligence Stove Piping Is System Failure
we went back to Russia and we're going to follow them up I'm disappointed in the Russian but that's no excuse for us not being able to track a guy in ...
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Sen. Rand Paul joins Varney & Company- May 26, 2015
percent when we got a hundred percent of the department Palmer maybe a hundred percent of the department education and then maybe fifty in
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Marco: "We either deal with ISIS now or we deal with them later"
hundred percent under the influence and in the pocket of Iraq they will have expanded their strategic reach to include local
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Congress Should Reduce Their Pay If Sequestration Cuts Take Effect
what's going to happen I mean we're talking about two percent of the federal budget and it may have a big impact on the military but let's
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#ATimeForTruth on Bill Bennett's Morning in America
but we need to be speaking for hard working men and women who want to believe again in the promise of America here yet again are
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses TPA & TPP on the Kuhner Report
working men and women have been hammered across this country but it hasn't been because a free trade look one of the worst things that happened is
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Rand Paul Appears on CNN State of the Union- April 12, 2015
positions not because they're women there in positions like yours because they're intelligent and they should be equal to their counterparts and treat...
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Sasse and Ricketts in Nebraska
millions of people standing up waking up and saying we've got to fight say the greatest country in the history of the world and that gives me optimism...
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Marco Rubio on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd
much %HESITATION you guys be taken that into account in the us and what we most certainly wanna never do anything to undermine our alliances but let m...
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
we do our part if we have courage and intelligence but it's all of us in the neighborhoods in
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Marco Rubio: We Want More Investment, Why Would We Tax It?
about recognizing that in the twenty percent raising a family is extremely and we want to help people with the cost by being able to keep more of thei...
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We have a Spending Problem, Not a Revenue Problem
the last three years they've gone from twenty percent of GDP to twenty five percent of gene that is a fundamental structural shift in our government a...
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Rubio on The View (6/25/12)
do you balance I'm not sure always get it right because I have a job that wants me a hundred percent and I have a marriage and children to deserve a h...
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Ted Cruz at Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day
we see men and women in the military having their religious liberty rights curtailed servicemen and women being told they
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Senator Ted Cruz Joins Meet the Press to Talk Second Amendment and Debt Ceiling
me we need a budget but second it's going to be a great opportunity for us because in our budget that we will pass we