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agree with the concept that we have to stand by those in the region and give them capacity where they have to will because
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agree with the concept that we have to stand by those in the region and give them capacity where they have to will because
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Stand with Marco at MarcoRubio.com
still do not have that but they look to this country for the hope that they want yeah well we cannot fail them because if we do we will fail the and
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Carly discusses the deal with Iran
the strategic objective of destabilizing the region we know that when sanctions are lifted they will have more money to fund those
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Strategy in Syria | Jeb Bush
reliable actor in the region, and we have to change that impression with a clear,
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Marco Rubio's Speech On Israel (Part 2)
nuclear weapons why here's the bottom line Iran is commit to build they believe that a nuclear capacity will convert them into the Supreme regional po...
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Stand with Ted Cruz to Stop Obama's Dangerous Deal with Iran!
the kinds of bad behavior not that we have seen in the region %HESITATION up until now nnj
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
don't agree with you to agree with you to convince them that what you stand for is better for them and for their lives than with the other side is off...
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Marco Rubio: Will you stand with us?
we are facing the worst economic downturn in a general in American and they pay for it by spending money we don't have doubling
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
toward any kind of normalization and then we have to go after them on a lot of their other bad behavior in the region which is causing enormous
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Marco on WHO's The Insiders
don't want to do it it's hard because they're coming from a region where there is a lot around and we do have a process in place for letting people be...
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Carly Fiorina's hour with Sean Hannity part 4
specific technologies to be helpful to us in that region we should be giving them to
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Rubio on Tampa Bay Fox 13 (Two of Two)
a lot of political power those are simple and the embargo give us leverage to do that so you might agree to negotiate they don't have the best interes...
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Rand Paul: The Daily Show - Rand Paul Pt. 2
know i'm really fascinated and in this country because then get the fee feelings israel freedom doesn't mean that we all have to agree with ever
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Bernie Sanders Liberty University Speech
that we have the courage to stand with the pool does stand with working people and
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Scott Walker Discusses His Plan To Replace ObamaCare On Fox News' "Special Report"
got them cells and by health insurance if they don't have access through their employer after that we give people the ability more
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Marco: "We either deal with ISIS now or we deal with them later"
hundred percent under the influence and in the pocket of Iraq they will have expanded their strategic reach to include local
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MSNBC Tries to Attack Marco's Petition (Full Interview)
we can't leave the status quo and then the question is we have to do something what is that some and I hope people will be engaged productively they d...
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Marco: "We either deal with ISIS now or we deal with them later"
the Iraq Syria region at their increasingly controlling and then from there from this caliphate that they're setting up there will continue to recruit...
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Sen. Ted Cruz on ABC's This Week from the Munich Security Conference
you craning ins are fighting to defend their nation they wanted if they and our nation we have a treaty obligation to stand with them and right now un...
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Marco on Retirement Security, Clinton, and Climate Change
because it provides transportation have quality doctor that they will pick crap they will take her in fact they want her to go to the doctor they
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Marco on Retirement Security, Clinton, and Climate Change
them a vehicle where they can invest their money for retirement by giving them access to the exact same for a one K. type system that members of Congr...
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Marco: Only Obama Wants to Shut Down Government
first of all in over eighty percent of Americans have health care coverage and and most of them are happy with the coverage that they have we
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Marco On The Laura Ingraham Show (Part 1)
region of Florida they would not agree with the assessment that this administration %HESITATION has caught up to speed on this that we are you
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Ted Cruz joins the Mark Levin Show
your current weight when you have nations like Cuba and communist China sitting in judgment of the United States you know that that they don't need ph...
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
when we stand with them they will gain the confidence and the courage to push back against
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Marco: "We either deal with ISIS now or we deal with them later"
that NFL they would become we would become Iran therefore by eating I'm you're well I don't agree with that statement I think that's quite an exaggera...
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The Journey Continues
more support we regard I think people want to send people to Washington DC that are gonna stand up to an agenda they don't agree with and
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Graham On The Mike Gallagher Show
would be relentless in pursuing them where ever they went we have to defeat these guys and