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move their operation and they're trying so these to place of within we need to understand what's the goal here the goal here is to I
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move their operation and they're trying so these to place of within we need to understand what's the goal here the goal here is to I
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Martin O'Malley hosts roundtable in New Hampshire on debt-free college
move towards goal and we need to set the goal as a nation of making debt free college and
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Better Choices for our Watersheds
%HESITATION we make progress goals to I work the renewables we're going to recap here again none of these things they
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Dick Durbin makes it personal - mocks & attacks Ted Cruz' education on Senate floor
certainly the senator understands that it takes sixty votes to achieve the goal that he is trying to achieve and
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Arriving at the Reagan Library for the #CNNDebate
just revealing policy materials and fat and thinking of getting a center here we go last question what's your goal how are you going to make an
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In His Own Words: Cap-And-Trade
and what's sad is I don't think we have to do that in order to occur the goals of would lower carb or create the we
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Graham Questions Nuclear Security Administrator On MOX Program
think the goal here is to reduce the cost by talking to the contractor and I just thought to Denis McDonough and
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Marco Calls For a Safe Zone in Syria
soon Islam Sony is Sony Muslims both ideologically but also militarily on the ground they're not going to stop in Syria their goal is to move into Sau...
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
what you put then plus we need to understand the and so here's why I I favor lessening the benefits of the truly wealthy first
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Marco Talks to Bret Baier Pre-Convention Speech
I think disappeared going to the goal here is how can we save Medicare without help to do that broccoli and he has a to do that he should I
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Marco Rubio's Message to #SRLC2015
a goal we all share it's the goal that brought me in the public service and that drives my campaign you see the American dream is about one
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Mike Huckabee On America's Newsroom 8-13-15
person who has ever run in the Iowa caucuses in its history and we know what it takes to win and that's our goal is to win here in February eventually
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Senator Rubio and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel Interview
can't forget those he does and I think that we need to remember now is that %HESITATION there's a greater goal here in my we hope to accomplish that a...
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15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream
I'm mark no mouth before countries going to work again for all Americans we need new ideas and bold approaches we
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15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream
need to get things done that's why I've laid out fifteen progressive goals to rebuild the truth of the American dream we share sign
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Marco Rubio Talks Jobs In Tampa
goal is the same and that is to generate private sector grow to generate growth among businesses so that these businesses will create jobs an
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
I don't think we should but I think the goal has got to be as we have done with Cuba to move and warm relations with
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Marco Rubio: We Need to Decide What Kind of Country We Will Be
radical jihadists have now spread across multiple content across the world summary and located here within the United States the
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Marco on ISIL and IRAN
salute your goals to the your goal is to the the places you have to go after do you think that you know going to undergo limited geographically when y...
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The Journey Continues
the goal is not to fix America but the change America then they want leaders are going to come up here and fight it every
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Marco Talks Foreign Policy with Hannity
his real goal here is is to protect the side keep Assad in power and increase his leverage in the region and
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
need American ingenuity and we need to reach this goal by twenty fifty for the sake of our time we're gonna take a break when
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Yesterday Is Still Over
though they're here to day and we need a place hide away they
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Scott Walker Talks Hillary Clinton, Iran & The Second Amendment With Fox & Friends
they will work with Congress to accomplish their goals your response was governor I started the day after election that's what I would do is as
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Bernie Sanders Speaks With Katie Couric - Full Interview
go back to where we walk forty five fifty years ago you know what your goal is to go to the city university of new york fifty
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Ted Cruz On Obama's Gun Control Goals
guns he appointed Sonya sort of I or to the Supreme Court someone who's been a radical against the second amendment right to keep and bear arms he
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Ted Cruz On Obama's Gun Control Goals
wore and we make a final point on this listen any Republican prime everyone is going to say they support the second unless
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Rubio For Senate TV Ad, "Work Together"
want us to work to get our in the goal is to abandon America's for the price of if the goal is not to fix America but