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We trained for this and we’re well-coordinated.
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We trained for this and we’re well-coordinated.
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New Leadership
America we don't coordinate and out turns mn nnj
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Sportsmen for Kasich/Taylor Event
assets that we have in this and if we can do that we're going to bring more people and we're going to generate more revenue somewhere
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Lindsey Graham and Jay Sekulow Discuss Enemy Combatant Status
directly and I look what we well this is the critical part of this is well I been involved in some of these cases and and my we're
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's New Day- May 19, 2015
to the task in well that's a real question because people are now saying we should have just stayed but we stayed for a decade we train them for a dec...
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
I think the president should step up and say we're going to suspend it at a minimal lately I think that's very likely a well then the economy's not go...
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Martin O'Malley: "We're All in this Together"
us believe like Americans there's something to be well and good times we can afford a middle class poppycock
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not an effective should and you know the idea that we're gonna just train Iraqi soldiers and %HESITATION and it is that they're going to go back and d...
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not an effective should and you know the idea that we're gonna just train Iraqi soldiers and %HESITATION and it is that they're going to go back and d...
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Is Donald Trump for single-payer health care? | Fox News Republican Debate
was mn progress Chung thank well done we're gonna we're gonna move on to come back to get orders just one second on this that we we
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Marco Rubio: This Is A One-Sided Deal for Iran
that we're going to see everybody else fall might as well and Democrats well I hope not this is a major issue of importance this is not some domestic ...
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Graham: I Will Hold President Obama Accountable for Benghazi
us and we don't know what happened how did Susan rice go national TV and say there's no evidence of a coordinated terrorist attack then
8.8 secs
Graham Presses The White House For Answers On Benghazi
never heard of the requests from our investor on August fifteenth about a month before the attack saying we can't defend the consulate against a coord...
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Graham Discusses Syria, Iran, and the Benghazi Investigation
the attack in Benghazi before the attack that made numerous requests for additional security Chris statement says we can't defend the consulate from a...
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Jeb Bush Announces $7M Adult Literacy XPRIZE | Jeb Bush
And we now call that a moonshot moment. Well this is our moon shot moment for
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This Is For My Friend Larry Hogan
and he is as we speak is working well intensive chemotherapy outright back
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Marco Goes On the Record to Discuss the Crisis in Syria
failure when we only train wait for five train and equip and then we hear last see that's the president says he bends to
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Graham discusses Susan Rice and NSA with Fox News Channel Fox and Friends
over to the government should we all be concern well I think we should be concerned about terrorist hind infiltrate our country to attack us in trying...
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Marco: "We either deal with ISIS now or we deal with them later"
train plot and plan and eventually carry out external operations in your potentially even here in the United States that this is a very serious nation...
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Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show: I Stand with Kim Davis
and we have in this case five justices for leftist Democrats and justice Kennedy who's been on this agenda now for well over a decade we
7.4 secs
Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
have trained sixty this is simply unacceptable and what do we see now isis
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
in and of itself is a misnomer that being said let me explain something for so I don't agree with the premise of that story and second I would say yes...
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This Is What We Got From A Hillary Reset Button
then he says well honestly we don't have a plan for isis right by the way we're not the only people read the newspapers so
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Graham Discusses Benghazi with Hannity
you Sean thank our this is we're now learning doesn't before during and after controversy for the Democrats before we
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
in terrorists and come for terrorists to kidnap and murder young children well in the midst of this we
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Carly's Q
the wealthy and the well connected and his crushing the small on the power less we are now the story more small businesses that we're creating for
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Marco Rubio: My Whole Career Has Been About Reform
we're not doing that we're not training people to leave high school ready to go to work as a welder electrician and kids are borrowing money for
7.7 secs
Marco Rubio on Hannity
as a nation of immigrants but we're also a nation of laws and I think we focus on that and what we're for it's going to really bode well because on th...