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my father used to say that they he go down to the store and get some some food for the family in the guy would say will
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my father used to say that they he go down to the store and get some some food for the family in the guy would say will
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New Hampshire #VotersFirst Forum: Marco Rubio Round #1
as a way to get high you know that's something I would be willing to explore aliens in the United States already some would say we can't realistically
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"I Trust Donald Trump" Says Murder Victim's Father
my son was murdered by someone illegally in the country they were brought here anyway for use of and you never allowed to grow up like
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Rand Paul Appears on CNN State of the Union- April 12, 2015
man but I would lay down and say I'm not going to respond out of some sort and I think that's a that would be a sexist sort of respond to settle my go...
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Marco Sits Down with Sean Hannity
a variety of issues including the values of some and I just say this whether you're Muslim or a Catholic you're not going to get a life in
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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity Before the #GOPDebate
that he is willing to go forward and and say things like %HESITATION what he said about how illegal some illegal immigrants are committing crimes etce...
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Stand with Ted Cruz to Stop Obama's Dangerous Deal with Iran!
is possible and that in fact we should expect that some portion of that money would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for
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Rubio Answers Questions On Immigration From MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell
because they they had the scars from years of combat over it but here's the other point I would make one of the arguments that I would use I would go ...
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"I Trust Donald Trump" Says Murder Victim's Father
trump is willing to go out there and sacrifice you know his life become a he said he was in the money doesn't need power he's powerful
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Marco explains how ObamaCare is hurting real people
look I think that is all sort of gimmick to get people just the log on to the website and write their name and so that they can obviously go back and ...
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Graham Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
worry about the president saying that we are in a new phase and in some sense are
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Marco Rubio on CBS News' "Face The Nation"
one and do what they say they're going to do primarily stand up to the agenda that's coming from there and offer some clear alternatives that embrace ...
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Marco Sits Down with Sean Hannity
and the president saying he's going to go further with they put up the latest poll number jump for you post debate %HESITATION you are now in double d...
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Graham Press Conference On Gitmo Detainees
with people who robbed a liquor store but the terrorists and it wouldn't have a legal system that will allow some to be tried in military courts some
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The President Wanted This Deal Worse Than Iran Did
would destroy the tapes innocence after right of an order I think in in in fact what he's saying is that this was and now no conspiracy in this is all...
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Graham Expresses Opposition to Gun Control
person were saying that in some circumstances the fifteen round magazine makes perfect sense and
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Martin O'Malley hosts roundtable in New Hampshire on debt-free college
they and and there's no red flag that says you cutting and that when you go to the %HESITATION the governors of some of the states if you were i
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Marco Rubio on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
I would reserve judgment to see what he says when given the chance to address the public there my hope is that he will discuss human rights and
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Marco Sits Down with Sean Hannity
this country at least I would hope and and certainly some of the support sharia would not get a life I will set a senator could to see again thank you...
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Coverage of Marco Rubio's Meet and Greet In SC
the some things are going to have to do to make that happen specifically he says of reform tax code one that better serves businesses which create mor...
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It's a #ATimeForTruth -- Ted Cruz talks with Mark Levin
in blue states so I welcome them to the race and that he has had some western kind words to say about me but I I'm not going to respond in kind that
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The "Check-Off" Box: A Simple Way To Cut Spending
in Washington are not going to be able to get a hold of them and use it to grow guy must be used to pay down second thing it will do is send a very po...
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Rand Paul Appears on CBS Face the Nation- April 12, 2015
to help them bail themselves out but do you think there are some in your party and have a larger segment that it would be that say we
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Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans
used to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq now there's some money left over in that fun because we are drawing down have drawn down Iraq are dra...
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Scott Walker Highlights His "Power To The People" Labor Plan On The Kelly File
they're saying things that people here in bars and restaurants across America but I think that more people listen to some more they realize this
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Scott Walker: We Need A Tested Leader In The White House, Not An Apprentice
is you've got some of these candidates will just go and say just about do I do anything we don't need to pray the White House we
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Mike Huckabee Appearance on CNN's The Lead With Jake Tapper
Iranian threats to destroy Israel and when they use words say we develop the missiles that will deliver Israel
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Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
the next president will hopefully because I don't know I certainly hope that so I want to raise with you one other issue that we would go and I want t...