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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity Before the #GOPDebate
absolutely we should look at common sense budgeting we should look at I know you have advocated any plan which I think is a
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Lessig on Equal Citizens
ideal which we have lost we have lost this ideal of equality should be our fight
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Grassley-Cruz-Graham Press Conference On Gun Violence
stopping violent crime which it should be and I think is everyone's ultimate object and this
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Graham Speaks On The Threats Posed By Al-Qaeda
strike should never be used under any circumstances I believe is a distortion of
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Carly's speech at CPAC 2015
into twenty sixteen and do you have any suggestions on that should be nnj
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Ted Cruz at Washington, D.C. Rally to Stop This #IranDeal
any commander in chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on
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Badass Bernie Sanders - Bernie Sanders Impersonations
should be the mainstream and any reasonable Democratic Party universal healthcare combating
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Why I'm Running | Jeb Bush
should be.
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Sen. Ted Cruz Addresses the South Carolina GOP Silver Elephant Dinner
again said wouldn't be appropriate three times we went back and forth I I really thought any minute he
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Ted Cruz on America's Newsroom
to immediately try to politicize this not to go after violent criminals which is what we should be doing but
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Graham Press Conference On Gun Control
find something we can agree on Alice Boland should not get a gun so part of the minutes should be legislation to fix this problem let's
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
should be someone in our office to be able to do it and if the law needs to be changed in the state of kentucky which is what
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Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders
any vote that might lead to war should be hard but I cast it with conviction I
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Ted Cruz at Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day
nothing in international law nothing in any treaty should be years is a back door vehicle to
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Republican Presidential Debate - 6 August - Fox News
the country so why should voters believe that your management of the country's finances would be any if
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Graham- Boston Suspect Should Be Given Enemy Combatant Status
right now he spent forty five minutes talking to the FBI last night about what they did and didn't get from there to thousand eleven interview %HESITA...
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AG Holder Should Appoint a Special Prosecutor or Be Impeached
being conducted by an Obama donor named Barbara boxer minute civil rights in the criminal section so what crews are saying is if
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Marco Rubio: We Should Do Everything To Stop Iran Deal
necks and you know if if the Ayatollah is correct that they'll be no Israel in twenty five years which is what he's been tweeting out lately %HESITATI...
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Hugh Hewitt Praises Scott Walker For Leading Charge On Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal
you have any confidence in this department of justice actually I looking at this as it ought to be which is as a criminal matter I
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Marco Responds to the President's Gun Proposals and Immigration on O'Reilly
might want to be you know people in New York criminals New York you drive down in Virginia they suck other than guns any bring them back which
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In His Own Words: Bailouts
companies are too large to fail which and I'm never comfortable with government being any position I also think quite for how to take on health I
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Hugh Hewitt Show
of them can be accumulated at any one time which is why it's a marathon more than a split this number proportional races that SEC primary on March
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Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
great you got a great sealed up there are tremendous yielded Republicans we should be proud of all of the candidates out there which
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Marco Talks Budget Deal, Cuba and the Nuclear Option
what US policy should be with regard to furthering the aim of a free and democratic Cuba which is the ultimate goal
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Ted Cruz on the #StopIranDeal Rally with Sean Hannity
Khamenei that's a way to actually win which is what we should be trying to do to stop this bad deal don't just have a showboat but
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I Disagree With Obama Administration's Decision On Boston Bombing Suspect
will be used to protect us and the last thing in the world we should do in the times in which we live is
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Morning Joe Part 2- May 27, 2015
which the unravels if we're not careful how do we balance the budget do we need the budget should that be with that fear goals of
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Grassley-Cruz-Graham Press Conference On Gun Violence
solve the problem to make a positive step towards reducing violent crime which I think should be everyone's objective and and and it is my hope on