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I think it is a decision that a woman should make and have the right to make after consulting with her family her position and
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I think it is a decision that a woman should make and have the right to make after consulting with her family her position and
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Marco Rubio on Face the Nation
don't think court it should be making that decision and I don't believe a same sex marriage is a constitutional right I also don't believe that Europe
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Support and Stand with Planned Parenthood | Hillary Clinton
ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions.
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
the world and we are shocked when thing after thing after think it's best to this it's
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Marco Rubio on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd
a right to make decisions about her own health in her own future there's no doubt and then there's this other right and that's the right of a human be...
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Ted Cruz Talks #CNNDebate and More with Sean Hannity
love having you on %HESITATION will continue to to give you the time that I think you should be getting a debate so people could make a very informed ...
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Grassley-Cruz-Graham Press Conference On Gun Violence
solve the problem to make a positive step towards reducing violent crime which I think should be everyone's objective and and and it is my hope on
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
i don't think he struck and we have a debate i think that we should have a deeper debate about these issues because there is no more important decisio...
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Marco on Solutions to 21st Century Challenges and Cory Gardner
going to have to make a decision about what he wanted like the second thing is what what is it that way you're right you're like I hear people saying ...
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Sen. Marco Rubio - Why Abortion is bad for america
a woman should have a right to choose the kinds of things that happened to her but that right is not unlimited it ends when it begins to interfere wit...
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
we have worked together we've got to know each other's family we know that we're both in it for the right reasons but we also know that we got to figh...
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Making a Difference | Jeb Bush
and the main reason I'm in the situation and the position that I am right now
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Marco Calls For Delay On Individual Mandate [Fox News]
her knowledge about the way policy makers make decisions and so forth some of that stuff is %HESITATION is a little bit overblown on their part but we...
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Marco Sits Down with Sean Hannity
I don debate that we can have down the road after we see how the program has were I don't think the decision you have to make on the front end of the ...
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
doing and I will tell you there's a number of governors in this race that have done and what your needs decided who is the governor if
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on MSNBC's Hardball- May 29, 2015
you got I think what we have to do is I comes to that I think what we have to make a decision is is when our American interests involved and what is t...
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
they look at you and they say okay governor would we do that's the only way to learn that's what leadership is it's
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
they have been willing to compromise we need to get back to the so it's about executive experience it's about knowing what to do and it's about workin...
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Marco on Putin and Russia
potentially and the other thing I would say about that is is look I've got a decision to make and twenty sixteen it was unlike
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Rubio sits down with Brian Williams During the 2012 Republican Convention
are really going to start to focus and I would say especially after these conventions because they have an important decision to make and I think vote...
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
I'm just trying to figure out a way to fix it I think we've come up with a a decent starting point a very good one and I hope to be able to improve up...
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Rubio on the Today Show: β€œI Have Confidence That Our Nominee Will Be Optimistic About America”
Washington have to make a decision at the ballot box and %HESITATION and obviously this is partly they won or one
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Marco Rubio on "Your World with Neil Cavuto" (Part 2)
it's tough to tell I do think that we're her writing suggests from her time in the White House is that you have a political year and oftentimes many o...
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
you know value whether it's abortions the right to die gay marriage I think people should be able to make their own choices in that shouldn't be a pol...
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
can't find the book somewhere to teach you that sit around the table you have your advisors tell you that and then they stopped talking and
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Marco accuses Obama of presidential malpractice
you know I'll have to make a decision and twenty sixteen either way because I'm up for reelection in the Senate and for me it's not going to be about ...
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We Need A Leader Who Makes Decisions
what Washington is a lot and what's happening now is that was talking to each other anymore north building those relationships people think compromise...
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Rand Paul Appears on CBS Face the Nation- April 12, 2015
is a one and she is going to make a strong appeal to one I think the problem will be four with that line is is that she's taken money from countries t...