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So when they arrive at the ninth hole...
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So when they arrive at the ninth hole...
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Stand with Marco at MarcoRubio.com
do is look to America and they see and you want the evidence of the when was the last read about a boatload of American refugees arriving some other p...
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
they deserve a government that fulfills its promises when they get home and so we must care for those who
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
about young people is that they live in the world of technology and so when they encounter government it's
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Graham on CBS Face the Nation
in Benghazi they left at one thirty excuse me there arrived at one thirty in the morning %HESITATION
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Marco Rubio: Thank you for your support & encouragement!
I this is Marco Rubio so we just arrived here in Cleveland them at the arena actually we had a great rally when we landed excitement a lot of energy a...
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Marco Rubio Iowa Caucus Speech
I pet when my parents are right here in this country they store they were discovered but the person less than a decade after they arrived here with
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
have been there at all levels okay when we came in here eight billion dollars in the hole lost
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
and so when they went to the polls they weren't even aware of any other president any and so I'm really curious what are you specifically going to do ...
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Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
know ten weeks ago I arrived in Washington DC to be sworn into office when I stood on the floor of the Senate with
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Graham Discusses Obamacare and Decision to Forego Federal Subsidy, Enroll in South Carolina Exchange
nndb Hannity tied the White House take themselves another hole that comes to obamacare this time they put a new spin on the president's lie when
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Rand Paul Campaign Manager Chip Englander Interview
the mechanism which is that since they cancel the Iowa straw poll at the necklace rapport this this was the biggest drop hole of
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Kelley Paul Appears on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson- April 14, 2015
doesn't really matter to me %HESITATION you know I want to look at the substance of what they bring the tape so when
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Gov. John Kasich Talks Jobs & Ohio's Comeback w/ Hugh Hewitt
it work for us so we started we were eight billion in the hole focused like a laser on jobs I mean I they
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Marco on Face the Nation - January 12, 2014
do I do think there's an outcome that we can arrive at night if you look at I think there's a general consensus that these programs need to be extende...
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Marco Rubio at the Des Moines Register Soapbox
should tell you how much people make when they graduate from that school with that degree so you can decide if it's worth borrowing fifty thousand dol...
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Republican Presidential Debate - 6 August - Fox News
defended your medicaid expansion by invoking god same to skeptics that when they arrive in heaven saint
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit
the golf course right on the order fact the eleventh hole it's pretty amazing the eleventh hole pin
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Victory Rally - Let's Win in 2014!
our lives at least important allies affectionately the Republican Party when the actor best they
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Victory Rally - Let's Win in 2014!
our lives at least important allies affectionately the republican party when the actor best they
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit
is on the other side of the Rio Grande and so you could only go for a hole in one because you can't cross the river and putz so
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Rubio on Achieving The American Dream on CNBC's Squawk Box
tear in your book you talk about the fun holes %HESITATION penny and a million there and obviously there are the probably friends can't could you vote...
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Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Has Been Exposed As Being Incompetent
expose that the fifth of foreign intelligence agencies as they did when they when they sent it to her by email so
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Fox Business- Ted Cruz on government handouts
why that's relevant they still vote so when that number exceeds the when the takers numbers exceeds the makers
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Marco Speaking at CPAC Colorado
and so they get her and so that business never gets create and so those jobs never get pre and so the middle class doesn't grow and
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Stand with Marco at MarcoRubio.com
there are things about us they don't like but I can tell you they admire this country so much because they see the best and that in
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Carly's speech at CPAC 2015
leave that this must be a country where everyone has the right to fulfill their potential this is what they meant when they said life liberty
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Donald Trump feuds with CNN over reporting
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Ted Cruz Speaks at the American Principles Project Red, White, & Blue Gala
retire they receive retirement payments and when they die those are assets they own they can pass on to their kids and grandkids those