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Marco Responds to the President's Gun Proposals and Immigration on O'Reilly
don't want to incentivize people come here illegally in the future you may notice I've been very tough on this issue border
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Graham Discusses Obamacare and Decision to Forego Federal Subsidy, Enroll in South Carolina Exchange
five hundred dollar savings per family per year for Harry where here here's what I've decided to do as a senator acting go it into
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Here's How Far We've Come In New Jersey
bad now you shoulda seen it when I got the our nnat fact is fact is in the eight years before I became governor taxes
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Senator Graham Speaks at SRLC 2012
nbsp insofar delusions I've got one simple message for everybody here today nndb
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Taya Kyle Explains Why She Is Supporting Rick Perry
morning thank you for your wife harry no honestly my whole goal here is to testify
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I've Delivered | Jeb Bush
If you want more DC politicians or more self promoters, you've got options.
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Ted Cruz on America's Newsroom
got a ways to go I know you know that we've got a ways to go in this campaign also center thank you for coming back here it's been quite some time but...
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Sununu had not come to me and told me he was going to help me in New Hampshire I wouldn't Dundas I I've just got to tell you he is remarkable
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Marco Rubio discusses "Black Lives Matter" & Cuba
got a ticket for being stopped just after that happened to me after eight or nine times you know I'd be wonder what's going on here I'd be upset about...
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Scott Walker: We Need A Tested Leader In The White House, Not An Apprentice
got to get to the bottom line here is there any deficit in Wisconsin every year I've been off the he's just using a talking point literally to the Dem...
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Graham Press Conference on Capture of Osama bin Laden's Son-In-Law
is %HESITATION you know I've I've been on the floor last day or two saying you know I've got no problems with the president
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Graham Wins Republican Nomination (Part I)
if you're not willing to do that we got to come out with a new idea nnj I've got a new idea mayor
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Sasse and Ricketts in Nebraska
know I can tell you a year and a half I've been in the Senate under Harry Reid Senate we have spent zero
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Four and a Half Hours at the Iowa State Fair | Jeb Bush
caucuses. You got to go campaign. When I campaign here
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Ben Carson's May 4 Announcement
all we got married penknife now I've been it's my family who are you and
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Marco Rubio on FOX Business
you for coming here Marco Preciado thank you for coming out
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Women for Hillary Clinton Speech and Launch | Hillary Clinton
you being here half of announced I've women for Hillary but I also know many
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Family Leadership Summit
me tell you something right now come January twenty fifteen Harry Reid is not going to be Majority Leader any longer final
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Sen. Graham Discusses Immigration
son and Bernard because I can go back they got a job they come here to visit people can
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Marcus Luttrell Discusses His Relationship with Gov. Rick Perry
came on my money without here I subject but when I got to help my injury my medical broken bones out of like I've
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if the warranty Syria continues it is coming here for god sakes less get all tingly sensing the problem got
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Graham Expresses Opposition to Gun Control
I've got a chart here the very top is a thirty eight revolver now on the ride is a nine millimeter pistol
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Marco Rubio: I'm Optimistic About America
I think nndb I mean I knew you know I've I've encourage everyone here to ask yourself despite our challenges who would you rather would
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It's a #ATimeForTruth -- Ted Cruz talks with Mark Levin
sure I've I've got if you mentioned a second ago my new book aperture which is which is logic tomorrow %HESITATION
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Donald Trump feuds with CNN over reporting
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Marco Talks Immigration on The Mike Gallagher Show (4/30/13)
understand I think I've been down the path to Washington where they come up when a room and then it basically tell everybody okay here's the solution ...
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Graham Talks Benghazi Hearings With Mike Gallagher
I've been god here's what I can't get out of my mind on September fourteenth three days after the attack the bodies are coming back to to
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Graham Wins Republican Nomination (Part I)
I've never met an illegal Canadian that I know of this a sound economy to rule while nation the people that are here illegally come