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building and the put all hundred and ten thousand of them down on our southern border nnat
building and the put all hundred and ten thousand of them down on our southern border nnat
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Grafton County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner
winning the padlock that build dnmt all hundred and ten thousand agents on our southern border mn
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Ted Cruz at the South Carolina Freedom Summit
they're about ninety thousand employees at we need the padlock that building and take every one of those ninety thousand and put on our southern borde...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at CPAC 2015: Stand With the People, Not Washington
number two abolish the IRS take all hundred twenty five thousand IRS agents and put him on our southern border number
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Scott Walker Discusses Securing The Border & Terminating The Deal With Iran On Meet The Press
percentage of the higher number of because our reforms works for all the hype and hysteria of the hundred thousand pro our schools are better fact ACT...
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Scott Walker Talks Securing The Border & Replacing ObamaCare On "This Week"
my state I had a hundred thousand protesters on a different issue I had also to death threats and all sorts of other views I
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Carly's interview with CNN New Day
will build a great great wall when our southern border and i will have mexico pay
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
I'll build there is an expense I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay
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Donald J. Trump- Make America Great Again
of people are flowing across our southern border we've gotta build a real wall with all of this our
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Graham, Georgia Senators Speak on Importance of MOX Program
two thousand and ten and the two of them in a press conference talked about the mox facilities in the agreement all marks and
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement Full Speech 6/16/15
great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico
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Republican Presidential Debate - 6 August - Fox News
treat the mentally ill ten thousand of them sit in our prisons it cost twenty two thousand five hundred dollars a year i
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Dr. Rand Paul on Immigration
our national we should Keira Porter immediately creased border patrols and build a border fence nndb
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Carly's interview with CNN New Day
wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that war mark my word now do you feel good conscience that you can disagree with any of the...
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Stop President Obama's Amnesty to Stop the Crisis at the Border
of thousands or hundreds of thousands of little boys continue to be brought in by drug dealers and cartels continue to be physically
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Marco Rubio On "Fox and Friends"
some of the nicest most beautiful beaches in the best fishing in the world it's an economic engine for our state that employs hundreds of thousands of...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Heritage 2015 Conservative Policy Summit
you know when you go down to the valley inn in Texas we have a nearly two thousand mile border on the soft southern border what you hear from people w...
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Marco Rubio on FOX Business
know you know what our donors are from all over Florida all over the country have thirteen thousand donors already and almost ninety eight percent of ...
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Ted Cruz "Democrats are blocking funding the Veterans"
hundred and ten thousand IBM retiree the received a letter saying they're losing their health insurance because of obamacare the
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Our Port
tens of thousands of jobs are tied to the port of Charleston when our port was at risk and
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Rubio on Tampa Bay Fox 13 (One of Two)
four point three million I don't like about as bad as it looks that six hundred thousand dollars okay we raised two hundred fifty in the for and we ra...
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John Kasich at the Voters First Forum 8/3/15
have national security experience nnat and Ohio we went from eight billion and a hold a two billion and a black a growth of three hundred fifty thousa...
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Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton Put America's National Security At Risk
that's what leads us to the next topic last forty eight hours you talked about building a wall not on the southern border but on the northern border c...
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Carson Campaign Update
of this morning we have two hundred and ten thousand donations donations from every
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Heritage 2015 Conservative Policy Summit
take the hundred and ten thousand employees at the IRS the padlock the
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Ted Cruz on the Michael Koolidge Show
isis is destroyed to go in and build a thousand schools all across that region that is the challenge for other civilizations not for ours likewise
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Ted Cruz on why it's #ATimeForTruth on the Kelly File
in just a couple of months over a hundred thousand feet and nnj good good crews
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Hillary Clinton at the 2015 U.S. Conference of Mayors
hundred and thirty four thousand dollars nearly half of all black families have lived in poor