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well I mean I think the question I'm not as familiar with the contribution he made there I know what he did in this time and
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well I mean I think the question I'm not as familiar with the contribution he made there I know what he did in this time and
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Chris Wallace: Rubio Did Very Well, Made The Generational Argument
think Marco Rubio did very well and again you know and he's been fading in the polls made the argument I'm the candidate of change on the Canada the t...
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Marco Rubio: I like to answer the questions, people deserve it
I don't make about trumpet you think that's what's happening trumpet he's doing that because he's you know well not on I'm not going to get I'm
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Marco Rubio Responds To Harry Reid's "Outrageous" Remarks
I think in this kind of outrageous speech in politics is continuing to spread I mean he's in the past and things about the president as well President
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Ted Cruz on Your World with Neil Cavuto
don't know what I think he just invaded and conquered and rested but you know what trump has brain to the central question of this election is
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Miami NBC's Profile of Marco Rubio
he wasn't able to do I think that's what made him proud would future run for the White House to be in the cards as well this
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Donald Trump Attacked by Fox News Panelist: He Can't Even Negotiate with Macy's!
not actually behind yeah bush what we have a long way to go until the election and I mean I think a lot of this has to do with name ID which I mention...
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If I'm Our Nominee, We Will Be The Party Of The Future
the question Christmas great to be here tonight let me begin by saying this I'm not new to the political process I was making a contribution as the sp...
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Marco Talks to Bret Baier Pre-Convention Speech
mean the money so I think in November he's an elected you know with the selection of Paul Ryan and obviously you were on that short list as well a
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Donald Trump Sean Hannity FULL Interview - Obama Gun Control Actions
mean you look at New Jersey I'm way at the top and Chris Christy is the governor as you know is not doing so well there he's way way way beyond I
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Marco Responds to the President's Gun Proposals and Immigration on O'Reilly
believes in this yeah I do think there's a huge Bowie Daddy's not a hypocrite phony he really believes as public hall accident president and doesn't h...
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Marco Rubio Talks Tax Cuts On "Hannity"
what happened to Charlie Crist well you know obviously who have to answer that question all I can tell you is this you know for twenty years he's been...
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Rubio on Fox and Friends 7/19/2012
was he think what is going to do for floor well he was being honest about what he feels I mean that's an and and that's what we've been saying all alo...
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Graham Speaks On The Threats Posed By Al-Qaeda
authority did President Bush have as commander in chief at that moment I don't think anyone would question he
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Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Ted Cruz on the Chad Hasty Show
leadership will listen to the people as well but not voluntarily senator I have two more questions and I know you're short on time but I have two more...
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Chris Wallace: Rubio Did Very Well, Made The Generational Argument
I think Ben Carson landed at the end pretty well as we've been doing these gymnastics analogies in in this
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Marco On This Week With George Stephanopoulos
the next four years one of the next four years look like engine I think about you know manual well he talked about spending a lot of money but for how...
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The President Wanted This Deal Worse Than Iran Did
would destroy the tapes innocence after right of an order I think in in in fact what he's saying is that this was and now no conspiracy in this is all...
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Chris Wallace: Rubio Did Very Well, Made The Generational Argument
amount of how do I just not worth it if you thought the land he did act I and I would say that in terms his knee in terms of winners I
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Graham Discusses Obamacare and Decision to Forego Federal Subsidy, Enroll in South Carolina Exchange
this as well that's what he said he laughing and I don't think you think this is our laughing at that no I think here's
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Sen. Ted Cruz with Neil Cavuto on 2016 race: We are competing nationwide
what but what do you think well I'm I'm not sure we're going into surgery but but I and I I am certainly glad to welcome my friend Rick Perry into the...
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Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher Show
think that you I said okay could you tell us what the pause reversed and he didn't say anything I ask again you said you're familiar with oz
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Rubio on Tampa Bay Fox 13 (Two of Two)
the I well I'm not going anywhere and I'm in this race is what I want to do this race is what I'm committed to doing and I know that there's always sp...
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Sen. Rand Paul Joins Wolf Blitzer on 'The Situation Room'- May 13, 2015
what he would have done knowing what he does you know I think it's a really important question and I don't think it's just hypothetical because
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Marco Rubio Discusses This Administration's Deals With Iran And Cuba
Trump is the Republican front runner as we stand today is he to be well as I said he's another candidate in this field and
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Marco Rubio on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
checking account I mean those are the issues I hope would focus on but I'm sorry go ahead known as I take it from your question you except the preside...
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Ted Cruz Discusses Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Howie Carr
deal did you cut and and he was visibly angry I asked him that and three times he repeated there
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Ted Cruz "Democrats are blocking funding the Veterans"
and I think we ought to treat the American families at least as well that's what this fight about agree with and how did I for accurate that's