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in just a couple of months over a hundred thousand feet and nnj good good crews
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in just a couple of months over a hundred thousand feet and nnj good good crews
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#ATimeForTruth on the Sam Malone Show
of courageous conservatives come you know and just a couple months we've seen over one hundred thousand
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show
then again mark you know in the last couple of months we've had over a hundred thousand people come to Ted Cruz dot org contribute
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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity After the #GOPDebate
campaign in just over four months has had over two hundred and twenty five thousand
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Marco discussing his new tax plan
percent for couples up to just under a hundred fifty thousand and fifty and over about thirty five percent you
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Part 2 | The History of "Women's Rights Are Human Rights" | Hillary Clinton
was a major once in a lifetime conference over fifty one thousand women showed up hundred
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Ted Cruz Speaks at the American Principles Project Red, White, & Blue Gala
over the course of a working life accumulate a hundred thousand heard fifty thousand two hundred thousand dollars they
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Amnesty Bill Makes Obamacare Worse
in just a week we've had over a hundred thousand people go to house your borders now back and say fix the problem
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#ATimeForTruth on Bill Bennett's Morning in America
my campaign a couple months ago I did so at liberty university twelve thousand college kids and things
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Rubio on Health Care
a couple hundred thousand in Broward county as well with not a healthcare reform bill help
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That is a lot of cell phones!
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
a four thousand person agency over seven hundred lawyers and over and over again we lead
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Thank You from a Student Parent Raising Children while in College | Hillary Clinton
8.9 secs
Bernie Sanders Interview With Iowa Press
Republican budget passed a few months ago gave over two hundred and fifty billion dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest two tenths of one percent an...
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Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Ted Cruz on the Chad Hasty Show
from over a hundred and seventy five thousand contributions in all fifty states all five territories the
6.4 secs
Sen. Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
the first day over a hundred and forty thousand people have come to our website Ted Cruz dot org in
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Grafton County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner
Rio Grande and the first thing you see is a hundred and ten thousand IRS agents nnj
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Road to Majority Conference
said everyone of us our hearts broke a couple of months ago in Indiana and Arkansas Indiana and Arkansas the battle over religious liberty there it's
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Disrupt | Jeb Bush
over a hundred thousand of them. My home state of Florida has a
18.9 secs
In Defense of Religious Liberty
thank you for your good so let's have a nd I think she accomplishes nnj
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Graham Discusses North Korea, Immigration Reform on Meet the Press
times I've been to Pyongyang a couple of times once with bill Richardson and the proximity eight hundred thousand forward deployed north
6.4 secs
Ted Cruz Discusses Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Howie Carr
is a couple of months ago back in may during the debate over trade promotion authority TP a it
6.2 secs
In support of a $15 minimum wage
yesterday hundreds of thousands of workers and democratic primary voters much across america to support a fifteen or
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Ted Cruz talks #DefundPlannedParenthood and more with Sean Hannity
just showed in twenty thirteen alone the Obama administration released a hundred and four thousand criminal illegal
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Ted Cruz Iowa Caucus Speech
one voice said a conservative cannot win over eight hundred thousand contributions poured in said
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If I'm Our Nominee, We Will Be The Party Of The Future
was raised paycheck to paycheck in a lecture me how was she going to lecture me about student loans I owed over a hundred thousand dollars just four y...
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Ted Cruz talks Defunding Planned Parenthood and more with Dana Loesch
of the sixteen candidates in the race is because a hundred and seventy five thousand contributions of community cruise
8 secs
America's Education System Needs A Disruption
I paid for it I own over a hundred thousand dollars in student loans just a few years ago so here's my plan formative