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somehow you're the bad guy and we try to understand how it where do we go wrong here the only answer the
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somehow you're the bad guy and we try to understand how it where do we go wrong here the only answer the
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Marco Rubio: Cuba Hasn't Changed, They Won't Change
if we accommodate Cuba somehow Cuba going to change and they haven't changed they won't change the only thing that's going to change in Cuba where
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Rubio Addresses The 2010 Florida Victory Dinner
we have forgotten how special this place truly this notion that somehow it's just always going to be here no matter what decisions we make or
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Marco on Face the Nation
I decide to run for president I'm very seriously thinking about it because of our country is to I'm going to go out and run a campaign wrong and expla...
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Marco talking about Higher Education Reform on CNBC's Squawk Box
until we fix at the other side is going to make headway by trying to guarantee outcome so you've got some answers here and you
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Bernie Sanders On Immigration
we have to ask ourselves who benefits and to understand that it is not only the
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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
So here's what it comes down to. Our country's on a very bad course, and the question is, what are we going to do about it?
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Senator Rand Paul Joins America's Newsroom- May 22, 2015
domestic crimes we gave up on the constitution without even really understanding what we're going to hit here I'm trying to get it back Peter
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Rubio Answers Questions On Immigration From MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell
provide their families a better life but we also have to understand however that we can't be the only country in the world that doesn't enforce its im...
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We Must Improve How We Police The Police
we cannot improve what we do not measure but once we and once we see and once we understand we
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Graham Presses The White House For Answers On Benghazi
how far would you push this how far will you go to make sure that we get answers and not
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Gov. Perry: Trump β€œWrong,” Made β€œHuge Error”
donald it with where he tried to say mexicans are bad people the rapist and murders yes they're back that border but
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
was unable to answer the question is Iraq a good thing or a bad thing you know how are these people going to lead us how we get it how
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Bernie Sanders at DNC Summer Meeting (Full Speech)
the races and on American idol that we are going to somehow riled up millions
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Ben Carson's GOP Debate Answers
me try that on the only one to separate Siamese twins how the Allemagne nndb
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Ben Carson's GOP Debate Answers
slouched dreams is a nation comes in our unit we are the United States of America not to divide it states and those who want to destroy us are trying ...
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Marco Rubio Talks Tax Cuts On "Hannity"
federal tax bill %HESITATION would that be a bad idea it will tell you why it's a bad idea my my purse even talk about it in those terms and that is b...
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Father's Day - Rafael's Story
my only other option was to get out we always heard story somehow the United States somehow the
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Ted Cruz on Fox Business
the time when we face depression in Cuba I had a place to flee to if we lose our freedom here where do we go and
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Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
is somehow being negative and pessimistic that we're there we are we believe in the American spirit we understand your
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Marco Rubio on Face the Nation
I'm saying to people is what we can't do it in a massive piece of legislation and I know because I tried we understand that we have to deal with twelv...
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Carly Fiorina on The Kelly File
goes bad and here we have only one person arrested more than a year later and it sends a signal to every terrorist around
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Marco on ISIL and IRAN
move their operation and they're trying so these to place of within we need to understand what's the goal here the goal here is to I
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Perino: Rubio Understands Reagan's Foreign Policy
the United States military is going to be engaged by commander in chief that should only be engagement ever to and we're not going to authorize use of...
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Graham On National Security: We Must Up Our Game
websites how did we miss that so we're going to have to up our game implement when these guys goes into the system and they leave the country we gotta...
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Graham Wins Republican Nomination (Part I)
Carolina Republican saw is my greatest asset now where do we go from here we go back to the Senate and
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"Rand Paul: Not Going to Take it Anymore"
somehow we protect ourselves without these programs what about using the constitution what
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Why Won't Mrs. Clinton Answer the Questions?
did you delete those emails tens of thousands of email delete take it away and if we are trying to find but