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patterns change them for that reason i'm for taking intelligent steps let me just give you one example as
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patterns change them for that reason i'm for taking intelligent steps let me just give you one example as
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Dick Durbin makes it personal - mocks & attacks Ted Cruz' education on Senate floor
abolish obamacare the came as no surprise but let me ask a specific question one of the reasons that i voted for healthcare reform and
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Scott Walker Discusses His Unmatched Record As A Reformer, Fighter & Winner
for me I'm a conservative on economic fiscal social concern I think part of the reason why one three times that one
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Marco Rubio on Hannity: We Need a President That Understands America's Potential
know what are the stock three big steps you take to get this economy going again to begin we have to understand the economy is a dramatically differen...
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Carly's interview with Morning Joe
hacking challenge we face lesson presumably meaning intelligence face and one tangible example well for example we
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
the lead for years parables on erratic song as me for trying that's a word trying to let me give you
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Marco: "We either deal with ISIS now or we deal with them later"
may be no reason to launch a strike for that this point that controlled the whole country if you look at for example the danger of Baghdad is now in o...
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
I told them my staff I can take one more question which means I will take nndb the reason for that to know that I am still so
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Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin Reforms at Western Conservative Summit
we can do it in Wisconsin we can certainly do it in Washington and all across America and let me give you three quick reasons why that's important for...
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I Feel Good About A Christie, Clinton Match Up
vote for you I just went out there and told them what I thought and said to them if you give me a chance I'm
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Larry Lessig Announces His Candidacy for President
us down the road to a democracy I would step aside we will get one change of that fundamental change that will make every other change possible on
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Marco Rubio On Primary Night Edition of "Hannity"
world's looking for America to lead just as one example if America does not lead the war on terror there's
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Fight for Our Veterans
me give you an example of how we have spent in the past overseas contingency operation funds since
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Marco Rubio on Fox News Sunday
the center and let me give you one example you have been quite critical since Arizona passed it's a its
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"Take A Stand" Bus Tour Kick Off
reason why I'm running for the United States that that is because I'm the only candidate running for US Senate in Florida that you can trust to
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Larry Lessig Remarks from
I'm grateful for the chance to hear what you have live to find a way to give that voice just commit to you as as
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses TPA & TPP on the Kuhner Report
what I'm fighting to do is bring back the sort of environment let's take for example energy
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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
I'm so grateful to my dad for the example that he has set for me, and for my siblings.
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really shouldn't be there at all for example give you one quick example we spent three hundred thousand dollars last year studying
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Fight for Our Veterans
tell them that you believe that the United States of America does not have the money let's take care
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
it's taken the lead for years parables on erratic song as me trying that so were trying to let me give you a
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Marco on Retirement Security, Clinton, and Climate Change
them a vehicle where they can invest their money for retirement by giving them access to the exact same for a one K. type system that members of Congr...
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Marco on ISIL and IRAN
the Iranians are taking advantage of it for example one of the issues it's not even on the table and it should have been on the table is their math mi...
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Graham Press Conference On Gun Control
innocent mistakes but in the case of I can give you some examples usher brought them with me that
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Ted Cruz on the Michael Koolidge Show
invading nations and staying there for decades we should be so let's take for example to current threats number one isis we
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Marco: "We Have An Immigration System That's Not Good For This Country"
inefficiently let me say we have great men and women of service in the intelligence community and it is never going to be one hundred percent but
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Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
you know that's just one small example of the incredible freedom and opportunity this country provides the
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
you agree i don't this point in terms of changing the incentives for investment and risk taking but let's just stop for a second there's