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and he right now is a sort of many say in a little bit of the hot she trying
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and he right now is a sort of many say in a little bit of the hot she trying
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Poll: Trump's lead begins to shrink
he has a sort of an interesting personality and he's in control of the debate right now but that's going to sort
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Sen. Rand Paul Joins Wolf Blitzer on 'The Situation Room'- May 13, 2015
think Iran is now stronger and in bold in many ways Iraq is sort of a vassal state to Iran we
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How Special Is America? Ask An Immigrant
just me personally but my view of the country and of the purpose for sort of a sort of
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Sen. Ted Cruz: Sasse and Ricketts in Nebraska
it some sort of a payment is it some sort of a benefit to a pack or is it is it truly as you're saying just
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Marco Rubio Discusses This Administration's Deals With Iran And Cuba
a little bit there in Havana where watching it now Julie
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#TBT: Sarah Palin's Rendition of Green Eggs and Ham
I had to spice it up a bit and little trig little fella bedtime story now
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Behind the scenes in Beijing
throw tomatoes at the ready to applaud and i finished there was a little bit of a delay and
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Forum: Marco Talks About Why He Is Running
thank you for a for having me here today and it was a we were here a year ago a little bit under a year ago and a lot of change in
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Bernie Sanders Liberty University Speech
how do we get there and die and so of the eighty in in in that kind of mind set just a little bit of
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What is necessary is a different kind of leadership
place in the world many people
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George Will on Marco Rubio: "Absolutely, He Will Win"
liberal but he's a little red I that that is declining in influence and and and the and the ability of the of
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MSNBC Stunned: Hillary More Unfavorable than Donald Trump!
victim when barack obama's president she was secretary of state she was %HESITATION praised in and view nicely by the public is sort of a
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This Is For My Friend Larry Hogan
every bit of that college right now and all of our prayers to get through the challenge and he's now got it
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Marco on Solutions to 21st Century Challenges and Cory Gardner
things up and and sort of a shifted some of the direction of the party and yet and
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This Is What We Got From A Hillary Reset Button
when I look in the eye and I say Mister president no further he says and says what he means and right now the
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Carly Fiorina outlines foreign policy plan
when you the reason some people may say that she seems a little bit it directly I don't think she is is
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Donald Trump on Hitting Back at Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry Over Insults - June 22, 2015
think it's a little bit of right now i'm trying to do something to make the country great again pilot as politicians will never make this country grea...
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This Is What We Got From A Hillary Reset Button
now right not now well reasoned sort of war in this country wearing the star war in this country him that's going around the member all
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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on The Kelly File- May 26, 2015
mean you you got a little bit of trouble and and senator Paul that a little bit if you you describe bill Clinton's behavior predatory
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Strategy in Syria | Jeb Bush
I'm tempted to be reminded of healthcare.gov. It cost a little bit more
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Gov. John Kasich on Cleveland Advancing to the Finals for the GOP Convention w/ Hugh Hewitt
many reasons you know so many so many good reason I also want to illustrate as sort of a metal ass and you
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Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash at the Fox Business GOP Debate
now he's doing a little bit better no I didn he's
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Graham Discusses Syria, Iran, and the Benghazi Investigation
nnj and sort of the Graham joins me now Lindsey
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
the twentieth century and now he's trying to reverse that is trying to destroy nato and this is what is a part of he is exploiting a vacuum that this ...
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Homegrown Terrorism is A Real Threat and We Must Confront It
the of the Boston globe because they felt it was too liberal he then began sort of I terrorism prophesies in online and
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you know his life become a key say he is in the many as in the power these
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (The Mike Huckabee Show)
we've reached a starting point and obviously a lot of work remains to be done in many many weeks of debate amendments