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with other countries and the so will the foundation and the net result was they did some but they didn't know doom
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with other countries and the so will the foundation and the net result was they did some but they didn't know doom
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Ted Cruz Talks #CNNDebate and More with Sean Hannity
the net result of their tactics are that they cave in Obama gets what he wants and that happens every single solitary time pretty much without excepti...
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WPLG-TV: Interview with Marco Rubio Part 2
enter the country and I know that I listen it's not easy I was talking about you know when you talk about twelve thirteen million human beings they ar...
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Stand with Marco at MarcoRubio.com
there are things about us they don't like but I can tell you they admire this country so much because they see the best and that in
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Rubio Talks Immigration and Economy on Hannity
there was in the past so they're looking for any kind of issue but this is par for the course I mean they've done that every week they come out with s...
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Election Results with Fox News
said that they are not happy with the direction the country is going they're not happy with the Obama stagnation and
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Rafael Cruz at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference
though I didn't know him he knew me and so I will I was released and they not I had to
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Donald Trump to Eric Bolling: 'Our Vets Are Treated Like Third-Class Citizens'
and they didn't want it's Arizona that he won the illegals pouring and so that was a good but I will say this %HESITATION
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Ted Cruz Previews the #CruzCountry Bus Tour on the Rick and Bubba Show
senator that just proponents those of us that have some logic you know they don't want it we get on the net what did that what did I miss something wh...
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"Everybody Knows Trump is Right on Immigration" Jan Brewer Defends the Donald
and deported and then they come right back and commit other crimes you know we're a country that we believe
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (Your World With Cavuto)
can gather intelligence from them and prevent them from carrying out other attacks ultimately at some point they will wind up in the court system will...
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
and complex and they put together a step financial this is some but everything will be filed eventually with the
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Marco on Terrorism and Immigration (Hannity)
first of all I think the Steffi I continues to learn about what actually happened didn't happen but here's what's clear they did know he left and in f...
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Marco discussing France's unity rally and economic opportunity in America
kind of I don't know I do with the present you believe the president really don't know that this is happening one should they knew that was happening ...
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Marco discussing France's unity rally and economic opportunity in America
was going to do with this book I have about half of that will go to the IRS dnmt and the others you know we've got four kids are they want to go to co...
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
and we did it together and the politicians didn't care about they don't they didn't care about anything about
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Houston Speaking Event 2-25-15 Part 1
without within i was what's known as the safety net but i didn't and like it very much but you know i was kind kelly
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Marco on Terrorism and Immigration (Hannity)
any comes back into the country they were aware of that as well but nobody followed up because the case has been closed and that's problematic I don't...
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Marco Rubio and the Florida Dream
world we as a result of what the leaders before us didn't fail to and so too will the future we leave our children pay the fine but
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Ted Cruz with Fred Hofmann
was leading that fight and the other ten candidates who are on that stage were nowhere to be found they were not part of the fight they didn't stand t...
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Stand with Marco at MarcoRubio.com
still do not have that but they look to this country for the hope that they want yeah well we cannot fail them because if we do we will fail the and
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Graham On The Mike Gallagher Show
and destroy Israel so how did they drive aside the Mideast they break our will well they basically attack where
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Donald Trump feuds with CNN over reporting
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Donald Trump feuds with CNN over reporting
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Ted Cruz Addresses the Values Voter Summit
so they did but there was a little problem of needing to get the votes and so they voted not once not twice not three times the
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Marco Talks Foreign Policy with Greta Van Susteren
administration did nothing they move very slowly to arm and equip those groups and as a result the modern rebel moderate
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Rand Paul Appears on CNN State of the Union- April 12, 2015
said they were going to take donations you know for the Clinton foundation during the period of time she was secretary of state and
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In His Own Words: Turning Ideas Into Results
that that that they were willing to accept government increasing provide them with more Sir and I am proud that during my time the really