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last night was because you've got this downturn because in the race was he what you expected to meet there
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last night was because you've got this downturn because in the race was he what you expected to meet there
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Marco Rubio On Primary Night Edition of "Hannity"
in the primary although your opponent got out of the primary because he was fearful of you talk about what that means nine
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on "Hannity"
says you can not racially profile so what I think is time goes but why think as time goes on you're going to hear stories about people who have been i...
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on "Hannity"
don't worry about it because what I'm gonna do over the next six months is what I've done over the last twelve months and was put in this position its
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Marco On The Laura Ingraham Show (Part 2)
proven to them that he was what we said he was when we first got this race but that being said all that money that they race form still sitting in his...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting
you guys were sitting in the Senate Republican lunch Kitty jumped out the window because the sentiment was there
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just because he was there you know here the guy in the back seat with him
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Marco Rubio on 'The Joe Scarborough Radio Show'
was governor and I was speaker the second assistant manager of this race you know so many people run for office because they want to be somebody they
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Marco Rubio Campaigns In Orlando
today said it doesn't matter that the general election will be a three way race because he expects that Chris and the democratic primary winner to
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CPAC: Marco Rubio's Speech (Part 1)
that was because that was this because of where he was born and who he was born to there's only so much she was able to accomplish but
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
for you %HESITATION so I apologize for bringing up rand Paul in front of them because I bet he was on a program last night you know and he he
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Marco Talks About The Romney Campaign on Meet The Press
that through a few little bit I was in Ohio this week you because you can't miss the campaign ads there and this is one of part of one that the Romney...
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Marco Campaigns in Bedford, NH
with water out of the race he's decided to back room because they have some real there you senator Rubio alluded slow
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Rudy Giuliani: "Marco is exactly what Florida needs."
because he endorsed John I George John I was happy when he finally was John because I want to join joining the nominee in the but
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
he knows this because he was there and fought alongside Jon Casey elected to the union New Hampshire his
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Marco Rubio on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
discussion about the national debt very little about the economy it was because it was a constant he said she said what do you say because
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Marco On The Laura Ingraham Show (Part 1)
truth is that when I got in this race and you remember because I came to the show early on I was thirty five points down in the polls and then would h...
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Rudy Giuliani: "Marco is exactly what Florida needs."
you can work Shanghai me several that I what they got in this race unless I thought there was a really terrific candidate on
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Marco Rubio Phone Banks With Supporters
I got into this race twelve months ago because I don't believe anybody else running for US Senate in Florida was going to stand up to this Washington ...
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Coverage of Marco Rubio's Meet and Greet In SC
nnj story he's one of sixteen Republicans in the Canada port making the race for the nomination especially because we
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Marco Rubio Talks About The State of the Race on "Hannity"
this race and then they want to give it to you if you think that's appropriate and proper I do because I think that they donated under false pretenses...
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GOP Debate 2015 2nd round CNN Republican debate 9/16/15 presidential debate
place to talk about this because that is exactly what happened in the nineteen eighties in the world was a lot safer because of the leadership nnnnn
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Meet Lessig
side of her chest attack campaign finance and what was astonishing to me something I completely did not expect to find was the passion and
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Midnight Deadline
there's just a few hours left in the month of June one last chance to contribute to our camp I'm reaching you today because over the last few months y...
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Kelley Paul Appears on CNN's New Day- April 15, 2015
because I think that you mean I when when times are good times are tough do you expect what you expect he will be meeting for that a
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Senator Ted Cruz Joins Meet the Press to Talk Second Amendment and Debt Ceiling
the McConnell amendment when it what you may have just made news let me ask you two quick things on this program last week general Colin Powell was he...
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This Is What We Got From A Hillary Reset Button
time in Reykjavik with Gorbachev they talk about how Gorbachev was exasperated at one point because
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Marco Received "Very Well" in NH
the into him from particular here but he wanted people to a house party last night either not this early in the race October