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something that would be very important to a lot of people but there is at least a process through which people can come out
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something that would be very important to a lot of people but there is at least a process through which people can come out
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Four and a Half Hours at the Iowa State Fair | Jeb Bush
Meet a lot of people.
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Carly Fiorina on The Kelly File
are a lot of people out there well that politics is desperately important but who also feel as though politicians
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Sen. Marco Rubio - Why Abortion is bad for america
covers people that are to say a couple of people that are temporarily incapacity it covers a lot of people so the there
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Donald Trump KICKS Out Jorge Ramos Univision Reporter during Press Conference
a lot of people think no no no excuse me a lot of people you know but a lot of people think that it's not right that an act of congress can do it it's
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Marco Sits Down with Sean Hannity
people that are permanently barred from ever becoming a man but a lot of people die I believe that a lot people just stop at the legalization so
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Marco Rubio on State of the Union
deal %HESITATION as you point out a lot of people can can poke holes in a lot of people can point out flaws the Obama administration's what
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Senator Rubio and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel Interview
out there a lot of pitfalls along the way not the least of which is you know can the Afghan people ever create a functional government for themselves ...
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Donald Trump: "Enough With the Nice!"
a lot of substance but people would like to see it in a plan and the funny thing is it's mostly people
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Marco Talks Immigration on Hannity
also would seem like a very very difficult process with a lot of penalties involved not respect
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Marco Talks About American Exceptionalism at CPAC
what I sense from a lot of people I've been talking to is this fear that somehow America's chains that are people of chain that
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
would say that I think technology is a tool but ultimately people are assessing
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Scott Walker: I Won't Back Down
there's a lot of great people you for a lot of great ideas but I would ask the American people look at who's been to when there were a hundred thousan...
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Marco: Sequestration Hurting the Blue Angels in Florida (Fox News)
I don't like a lot of people is that that's right and and here's the point look I'm very proud national defense %HESITATION but I would say this there...
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Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show: This Iran Deal is the Height of Foolishness
hammering away it's a long campaign keep hammering away a lot of people lobby a lot of people support you I've
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Donald Trump Schools Anderson Cooper in Intense CNN Interview - July 22, 2015
lot of Afro Americans love people very upset about that African Americans in this country there's a lot of people who believe that they
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Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
you can pass a director we want to get people back to work out there we know that there are people capable working we know there are people that
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Ben Carson on the Importance of the Second Amendment
once and for all you know the second amendment is there for two very important reasons first so that people can a the
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Marco & Sen. Lee talking about 21st century Tax Reform
I think a lot of times people miss the fact that there's also a lot of nice this year there are a lot of people who get along well %HESITATION
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WALKER: Roberts Bailed Out ObamaCare Again
the system and what people do like the fact that they're a lot of people that don't you know me before he had a pre existing disease you might not be ...
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Donald Trump Talks Gay Marriage, Pot, Guns, and Abortion with Hannity
it took a lot of death threats to get that very much and it it's a lot of people out there have them and they don't have permits okay that
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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
And there are a couple of people here that we would like to make a mention of
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Donald Trump explains his immigration plan
is a book that discusses all of this and also talks about solutions which is which is really very important but the
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Martin O'Malley hosts roundtable in New Hampshire on debt-free college
particularly when a lot of times people come out of %HESITATION will come out of high school having to take %HESITATION uh
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Jeb Between the Hedges | Jeb Bush
There are a lot of people there are one paycheck away from disaster. There are a
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Marco Rubio discusses Obamacare on CNBC's Squawk Box
ost the law is incredibly complicated there are a lot of people have been trying to figure it out but there's also a problem of millions of uninsured ...
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Graham Press Conference On Gun Control
very disturbed young lady was in a lot of different trouble threatening a lot of different people I
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Marco: Only Obama Wants to Shut Down Government
think there are few people out there that were voted very differently and it's very possible that Mitt Romney right now would be would be in the White...