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Marco Reacts to Kerry's Proposal on Syria (CNN)
said it's not divorced so he could have strike without your approval in Congress but please ask for your approval and not some of your colleagues have...
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What was some of your mom's best advice? | Quick Question | Hillary Clinton
was mortifying but in retrospect best advice I could have gotten
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Miami NBC's Profile of Marco Rubio
believed he could never get the Republican nomination from the popular governor if I had paid attention to the polls I never would have gotten into th...
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Marco Talks Budget Deal, Cuba and the Nuclear Option
like it was such an affection %HESITATION kind confrontation I I could have handled it just an obligatory handshake but I want your reaction your Cuba...
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Carly's speech at The Reagan Library
I could apply and ask you if you have one of course raise your hand but also before you actually
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Interview on Mike Gallagher
but also we passed your tenure or managers we pay attention to better performance your we have a cap on property tax nature
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Ted Cruz discusses #ATimeForTruth on the Michael Berry Show
deposited Texas ethics should law I have to report he said okay but they do nothing to draw attention ok
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Sean Hannity Endorses Ted Cruz on the Radio
you for having me Sean and I and I would urge all your listeners I need your votes I need your help and please come to Ted Cruz dot org because we nee...
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Rand Paul Bumper Sticker Design Contest
bumper sticker please submit your ideas we'd love to have your participation thanks
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Governor Huckabee on Fox and Friends
as a person who ran a state now when you start thinking you're going to pay a price I that'll get your attention and that will get their attention ano...
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher Show
I try not to pay much attention to whoever's throwing rocks and on my and I I have not reciprocated and I don't intend to %HESITATION
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Larry Lessig Remarks from
this be the first issue I don't lease one party's going to have to pay attention to the you have enormous power and
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You Can Do It On A Reality TV Show, But You Can't Do It As POTUS
I want you to explain how a lot of attention with that both have more seated and if what I don't know whether I
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John Kasich Ignores Donald Trump and Watches Golf Instead
i paid no attention to that whole business i just don't arm i paid a lot don't you have to do no
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Marco on the O'Reilly Factor
would you seen that shop has been look I I'm glad that we have so many people paying attention members I think that he's there he
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Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin Reforms at Western Conservative Summit, Part 2
have yet to fight those battles if we were to throw your hat in the ring I would continue that we could do both fight
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Badass Bernie Sanders - Bernie Sanders Impersonations
shove it straight up who've put your dress i will be able well you could have a very difficult time asking me about whether with taxes rich
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Marco on the O'Reilly Factor
would you seen that shop has been look I I'm glad that we have so many people paying attention members I think that he's there he
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Marco Rubio On The Lars Larson Show, 6/7/10
I I can't imagine not being but anybody else in it not having tremendous amount of attention but you know it's good that we speed up time
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University of Maryland Commencement Address, 2014
as I was as I was writing my message for your big day my young staff brought to my attention cliche
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
the time your pain I get it I don't pay any attention to that kind of nonsense %HESITATION at the end of the day it's
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Sen. Paul Appears on Fox & Friends- April 27, 2015
going to have a present for a while you thought about it you looking in your background responsibly go okay what could come off to could possibly tric...
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Rubio Endorses Romney for President
and I've concluded this one thing is all paying very close attention I think this is a defining moment we have a Supreme Court debate %HESITATION
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Senator Rubio Raises Questions Regarding Benghazi
know have a passion for foreign policy partially by watching your career and I I'm just pleased that I got a chance to serve with you for two years on
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Graham On The Mike Gallagher Show
evidence I could provide you know I know you're not here to scare people and I know I've known you for a long time but I have to ask you is there any ...
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Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Ted Cruz on the Chad Hasty Show
we have to visit with you throughout your campaign here on the show thank you my friend and once again I would encourage everyone to please come to Te...
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Mike Huckabee - O'Reilly Factor Appearance - 9-19-15
would you have done a stunt to try to get attention well I I had to the questions and I got I only got because I did interrupted just basically shoe
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Grassley-Cruz-Graham Press Conference On Gun Violence
imposed because on your selling your shot to other provinces beyond that it's focusing attention