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Jeb Bush Announces $7M Adult Literacy XPRIZE | Jeb Bush
you've done before.
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Ted Cruz on Face the Nation
argue now it couldn't be done by statute it it must be done by constitutional amendment my
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You Can Do It On A Reality TV Show, But You Can't Do It As POTUS
has done extremely well and he's and I don't tell me because you've got political experience it's not with I
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Donald Trump: "Enough With the Nice!"
about to introduce your tax plan you've already done your immigration plan so do you feel now is the time to show more substance
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Sen. Ted Cruz Addresses the South Carolina GOP Silver Elephant Dinner
Republican primaries now it's worth underscoring how incredibly unusual that was that was not done and
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Scott Walker Talks American Safety & Hillary Clinton's Lack Of Leadership
can fix things in America you were a better career politician however you've done very well in Wisconsin which is the right answer is it the businessm...
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One Week Ago | Jeb Bush
I've done it.
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A Bright Future | Jeb Bush
actually done it.
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Hugh Hewitt Praises Scott Walker For Leading Charge On Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal
just onsite work out a plan and got things done frankly if you do it well you've got a lot of things prepare for would
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I Know We Can Fix This | Jeb Bush
because I've done it!
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Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin Reforms at Western Conservative Summit, Part 2
great again thank you for what you've done
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Marco Rubio: Thank You for your Support
how first I want to thank red state and each of you for everything you've done help our campaigns or in this by now most of you know that the establis...
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Marco Addresses The Florida VFW
the next generation that is the ultra if we do not do that we are not honoring your service that you've done to our country and right now there are tw...
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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses TPA & TPP on the Kuhner Report
trade deficits now I know Texas is benefited it's true three million jobs the border states have done well but
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Let's Rise Up and Get It Done -- Stop this #IranDeal!
the one to set high is it says it requires Obama hand over the entire deal and it defines that is including any sign now
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Scott Walker Discusses Securing The Border & Terminating The Deal With Iran On Meet The Press
us meaning was gone and intimated so now now you've said that's not to get it's not right that was then you said for us it's
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Chris Christie - #TellingItLikeItIs Town Hall, Laconia, NH
to read on it's your Assad is now killed two hundred and thirty thousand Syrians the president has done enough now
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Let's Rise Up and Get It Done -- Stop this #IranDeal!
more show vote yeah done stop this do you know now senator Ted Cruz earlier today at the stop the Iran deal rally in Washington DC earlier
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Let's Rise Up and Get It Done -- Stop this #IranDeal!
they're two things we can do is show number one the most important right now is there to people in Washington DC who can stop this deal and
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Let's Rise Up and Get It Done -- Stop this #IranDeal!
of millions of America the biggest now security threat facing America what can you do I mean we went through the this
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Marco sounds off about Charlie Crist on Cavuto
whether it's our response to Benghazi which we now see was it was clearly filled with inaccuracies that were deliberately done for political purposes ...
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Carly Fiorina's hour with Sean Hannity part 4
haven't done it again would your adversaries everywhere would say hi maybe the United States now is willing to confront its ever so would
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"The Movement Begins"
among the most powerful that I have seen it it announced I've done about fifty of these now and this one's going to be in the top three
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Scott Walker Highlights His "Power To The People" Labor Plan On The Kelly File
good to see you tonight and so you came out with a tweet %HESITATION you've done it before and I said trunks personal attacks against Carly Fiorina ar...
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Senator Ted Cruz on The Kudlow Report - 01/03/2013
young kids who were brought in %HESITATION illegally deal with this the more pop as it had the way I just language and rhetoric Sir as you've done so ...
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Sen. Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher Show
principal did not care for me to put it mildly and and and my dad goes Ted you've got two months left of high school just just get out of high school ...
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Scott Walker Highlights His "Power To The People" Labor Plan On The Kelly File
you gotta you made a bold proposal when it comes to labor basically promising to do at the federal level some of what you've done at the state level o...
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Marco Talks Foreign Policy with Hannity
is going to do what needs to be done it takes presidential leadership to achieve these things when you've had a significant increase in the polls espe...