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I think my nnj no don't move %HESITATION two years ago and
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I think my nnj no don't move %HESITATION two years ago and
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George Takei On Same-Sex Marriage & Donald Trump | msnbc
think two years ago and I fully expected him to dimmer %HESITATION saying I'm too busy but %HESITATION he
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A History of Defending Conservative Principles with Lawrence Person
fact interest I wrote my senior thesis twenty years ago in college unintentionally nnj and
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Ben Carson's May 4 Announcement
nnj and and I %HESITATION nnj
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Donald Trump OWNS Lindsey Graham for Badmouthing, Gives Out Cell Phone Number
out to to to a %HESITATION two nine two i don't know maybe it's you know it's three four years ago so maybe it's it all number two
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Rand Paul in South Carolina and New Hampshire
so now most nnj nnj I don't think I
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Graham questions Eric Holder, Attorney General
the court %HESITATION and you're going to see I might my guess would be that whoever the Attorney General is a year two years from now %HESITATION
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Politics and Eggs
on the other hand as a matter how about a I remember a year ago nnj
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Gov. Martin O'Malley - "Two Days in Iowa"
I am joined in your great state by my sixteen year old son William and %HESITATION when William was nine
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Rick Perry Unloads on Trump on Fox News' Cavuto - July 22, 2015
think it was %HESITATION four years ago %HESITATION you know seven largo than that eight years ago %HESITATION
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Gov. Martin O'Malley - "Two Days in Iowa"
years old and my wife and I have four children two boys two girls rich people couldn't do that %HESITATION when
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George Takei On Same-Sex Marriage & Donald Trump | msnbc
seven of those years and that is what really counts %HESITATION I think a %HESITATION Donald
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4th Democratic Presidential Debate by NBC 01-17-2016
had one good day over thirty six year and I think we need more good days before we move more rapidly %HESITATION
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Marco Talks to Andrea Mitchell Pre-Convention Speech
in favor of bankrupting and I think seniors in Florida understand that it was an issue that came up in my campaign here just two years ago and it's
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Marco talks American Dream and Football with John Roberts
nnj two days ago Iowa I try Miami with ruby few hours sleep that up early to take Dominic and
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Sen. Graham Discusses Iran and Nuclear Weapons
this isnt alongside I don't know so my nnj Martin
7.5 secs
Graham, Georgia Senators Speak on Importance of MOX Program
%HESITATION designed to deal with a very sophisticated issue years and years and years ago and
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This Is For My Friend Larry Hogan
fall and %HESITATION Larry just a week or so ago I was diagnosed with stage three non Hodgkins lymphoma %HESITATION
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Rand Paul Campaign Manager Chip Englander Interview
know and they want to shake things up and I think that some and that really ultimately does played this as you mentioned you know a year ago that was ...
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Ted Cruz: Obama Would be More Radical in a Second Term
when we started a year and a half ago we were two percent in the polls %HESITATION nobody gave us a prayer and
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Bernie Sanders On Racial Justice
if we were here forty years ago and somebody said you know I think that in two thousand in a the
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Donald Trump Attacked by Fox News Panelist: He Can't Even Negotiate with Macy's!
you like Chris Christie and I don't know no I don't think the GOP specint but what do you like about Chris Christie he's not afraid nnj
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Ted Cruz Speaks at the American Principles Project Red, White, & Blue Gala
the planet once the band contraceptives listen my wife and I have two little girls I'm thrilled we don't have seventy nnj
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Politics and Eggs
very nnj yeah I know dnmt so I don't nnj
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A Special Announcement with Ohio Gov. John Kasich
%HESITATION but I was twenty four and a half years old I had no relatives that lived in the state I don't really know anybody but
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Marco In His Own Words: My Parents
for them I think it's a bit of a I don't think they fully brace what monumental check regular people Michael stay and %HESITATION but
7.1 secs
Rand Paul scorching Donald Trump
a presidential run like that you know you think of the rick perry couple years ago one debate slip up and he was done %HESITATION
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Iran Daisy
nndb nnj nnat and yeah and then %HESITATION nnj