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of jobs it's very bad for us cell
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of jobs it's very bad for us cell
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That is a lot of cell phones!
us really I should be taken very very seriously I think he's out I could space for America these
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Bad Policies Have Made It Harder to Achieve the American Dream
globally competing technology has changed jobs it's eliminated jobs of people once they're replace them with new jobs that require advanced skills for
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
going to build in Mexico they going to take away thousands of jobs it's very bad so under president trump here's
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America Needs Jobs
out of work there are two very different plans to get us back on track the contrast is like oil
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Donald Trump to Eric Bolling: 'Our Vets Are Treated Like Third-Class Citizens'
terms of bad into and beyond badly they're doing very poor jobs was and they have a huge deficit so
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Rubio on Hannity: "Scrap ObamaCare"
think they're smarter than the rest of us and it their job to force the pawn of public policy that they think is good for us and you
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Gov. Huckabee discussing the Iran deal with Wolf Blitzer
it's very much for joining us let's talk about this Iran nuclear deal you've been very critical of it very opposed
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Donald Trump Talks Being the Front Runner of the GOP Presidential Race
hear vannatter well she's had a very very tough time and I think it's going to be very tough for she had a very very bad time I've never
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Ted Cruz on the Howie Carr Show
twenty ten millions of us rose up we want honest for election very little change we were told it only
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Gov Larry Hogan: I Officially And Enthusiastically Support My Friend Chris Christie For President
bring a greater sense of leadership and purpose to this country and we need it very very badly right now that's
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Marco Rubio On "America's Newsroom"
making it harder for the job creations are discouraging the job and I think the policy that will help us put us on the right track is number one a lev...
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Watch Mike Huckabee on Face the Nation 8-2-15
for those of us who is stuck our necks on the line to run for president it is a very serious business of believing that
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Marco Rubio Responds to The President's State Of The Union Address on Hannity
presidency of the United States is a very very important job yeah it province important job in the world is so if
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Donald Trump Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015 Full Speech
a lot of ways it's very bad because you know what that stands for the country you know it's bad but that's the way it works but I give everybody a lov...
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Marco Rubio: Will you stand with us?
create jobs put money back in the hands of the job these principles of work before they are the principles that Republicans used to stand for and
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting
their first tire the head of email security so it's very very good Lois Lerner now has a job you
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Carly's Q
not just because it creates jobs it's not just because it makes it harder for the bad guys to be quite so bad it's
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All Life Is Precious
think that are bad decision but for the grace of god could have let us consisting problems and so I'm glad you brought up the issue because I think th...
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America Dreams Of A Congress That Actually Does Something
were sent there to do a job to improve the country for us and so we better get to it we better get term limits for these people they
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Marco Rubio on "Your World with Neil Cavuto" (Part 1)
out of our way let us do our job just provide us the resources we're not getting out in Florida lowered are getting it in Louisiana and Mississippi fo...
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Donald Trump Presidential Announcement
Ivanka did a great job that you do a great job great Jerry Lara and Eric I'm very proud of my family they're great for so
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Rubio on CNN's State of the Union (Part 2)
create more jobs for others I think that's a very reasonable position I think it's unreasonable to expect people to invest in the American economy whe...
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On Ukraine: "It really in many ways started with Benghazi...."
you you cannot count on the United States at this ends badly %HESITATION Putin is doing a very good job suppressing
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Ben Carson at Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security Forum
that what well such an important thing for all of us in the very
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Sen. Graham Discusses Immigration
because of the country's below us set have a very bad I don't have to wonder very long to figure out why
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Marco Talks to Andrea Mitchell Pre-Convention Speech
thank you very much senator thanks for being with us and speaking of
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Marco Rubio on Fox News Sunday
and they're tired of a very serious public safety crisis from a national perspective is not the ideal way to deal with this the best way to deal with ...