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He's in there. Vernon?
He's in there. Vernon?
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Rubio Bus Tour Stops In Jacksonville
today he stopped by duvall main headquarters there on beach Boulevard share Bradford was there also congressman Andrew
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Donald Trump Attacked by Fox News Panelist: He Can't Even Negotiate with Macy's!
not just before but he's a fraud me put himself out there that there's a businessman in the wild what
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Rubio on CNN's State of the Union (Part 2)
are see and he said there is a quote a real possibility that Chris could win in a three there
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Graham Discusses North Korea, Immigration Reform on Meet the Press
he is %HESITATION nominally in charge is probably the key player there Michele Flournoy from
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just because he was there you know here the guy in the back seat with him
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Carly Fiorina's message to the NRA's Annual Meeting
bureaucratic nightmare luckily we now live in Virginia he got his concealed carry there too reporters
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Hillary Clinton at the 2015 U.S. Conference of Mayors
in they don't judge they don't question they don't reject they just welcome if he's there he
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Marco Rubio On Fox News' "Hannity"
couldn't even admit that he supported the president in the stimulus plan wasn't he the same guy out there talking
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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
he was there.
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Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
I think last November on illegal immigration he said he was not the emperor he was the president and he still there
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Walker Discusses Conservative Leadership and His Plans Going Forward
bring that better than anybody else in this room that he brings that better than you well I think there there's fighting and then there's winning I
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MSNBC Freakout: Donald Trump is Crushing Other Republicans in New Polls
two there's no real front runner there's fourteen people running most of don't have any name recognition he's Donald try he's
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Rand Paul for President "Randcast: Episode 2"
only work in some states there they have national appeal and he's going there is talking about his flat tax fourteen point five percent flat in
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Ted Cruz with Sheriff David Clarke on the Sean Hannity Show
know their sins is there some daylight in here is there some space in here that he's trying to %HESITATION not accusing you of it but I
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Marco Campaigns in Southern Nevada
this Cuban immigrants now at this local Cuban restaurant from there he's at the grand opening of pawn plaza the
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MSNBC Freakout: Donald Trump is Crushing Other Republicans in New Polls
he's got a guy he's a guy who in the field get smaller he's gonna have trouble okay meanwhile summer trumps opponents are out there praising his good
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Congress Should Reduce Their Pay If Sequestration Cuts Take Effect
he asked for new taxes he got them in %HESITATION in exchange for promising to cut spending there been no spending cuts zero
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"I Trust Donald Trump" Says Murder Victim's Father
trump is willing to go out there and sacrifice you know his life become a he said he was in the money doesn't need power he's powerful
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Endorsement Rally in Reno | Jeb Bush
and there's good reason for it. He is a great man and if Florida is any example,
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Marco Rubio Discusses the GOP Debate on Fox & Friends
last night was because you've got this downturn because in the race was he what you expected to meet there
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Marco Talks Romney, Importance of Last Presidential Debate
said he was going to get involved in Iran sovereignty and the result has been disastrous after there's there is now no
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Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Has Been Exposed As Being Incompetent
economically and militarily okay so he's going to major policy speech later today down there in myrtle beach Wilson
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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity After the #GOPDebate
what he did now there was no animosity it wasn't personal but in my view speaking the truth mn
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Donald Trump explains his immigration plan
somebody comes over the border he's here for a year and you bring up there is no difference I what I'm saying physically there's a difference in
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Marco Campaigns in Bedford, NH
with water out of the race he's decided to back room because they have some real there you senator Rubio alluded slow
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Marco on LeBron James and the Heat
well I mean I think the question I'm not as familiar with the contribution he made there I know what he did in this time and
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Marco Rubio Phone Banks With Supporters
the course message and that is exactly what he is projecting today and now that it appears that there will not be a primary in his future he
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Fight for Our Veterans
today cannot afford to go to college where he lives because he is an eligible for in state tuition there and