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to finally this is a wake up call to finally take this issue seriously and here's my biggest fear start to see it happen already this
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to finally this is a wake up call to finally take this issue seriously and here's my biggest fear start to see it happen already this
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Marco Responds to the President's Gun Proposals and Immigration on O'Reilly
do you think the final question is is president Obama demagoguing this issue Izzy demagoguing it wrong he
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Mike Huckabee On This Week 8-9-15
discover what does it take for Americans to finally wake up to the fact but we are violating the constitutional rights of
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Marco Rubio on CBS News' "Face The Nation"
should be a wake up call to the federal government to once and for all take the issue of immigration seriously particularly things like border securit...
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Sen. Ted Cruz at Americans for Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit
are a bomb them back to the stone age the fourth and final issue that this election will come down to is
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and finally achieves that big idea to achieving citizen equality so it's here that this campaign would start and it starts buy
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The President Wanted This Deal Worse Than Iran Did
the president has refused to implement it whether it's immigration which is a serious issue but I'll continue to work to try to solve and I've done my...
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Marco On The Laura Ingraham Show (Part 1)
a result three mile island were start to see some of the same thing %HESITATION being prepped pursued here so it's unfortunate I think this administra...
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Rubio on Fox and Friends 7/19/2012
to invest next year and a growing their business except you're starting to see that already people are already starting to feel the pain of this reali...
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Rubio On CNN's Situation Room
we have a duty and an obligation to protect our beaches this is also a wake up call I think for us to go more green
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Larry Lessig Announces His Candidacy for President
promise we have to take up that fight again and finally we not for a reform that will happen someday
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Graham on Benghazi: "We now have the smoking gun"
finally getting to the truth and thank god for an independent judiciary because this is a damning email and if it were not for a court you
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Fight to #DefundPlannedParenthood!
dnmt and let me let me make a final point to the men and women in this room this
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Graham Questions Military Leaders on Use of Military Force
I think it's appropriate a time to review this and we are taking this very seriously to review it but
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Immigration Is A Legitimate Issue
we do need to address immigration that is a legitimate issue that this country needs to confront we have a very serious illegal immigration problem th...
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Marco Calls For Delay On Individual Mandate [Fox News]
that was misleading but it was also by design and a and in fact we're now trying to see that we're now starting to see the true design of this plan is
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Americans Need To Hear The Truth About What Happened In Benghazi
all of a sudden page one of the washing post and other papers today the fat Gregory Hicks what is going to be told to Congress are you pleased that th...
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John Bolton Discusses Ted Cruz's Demand for the State Dept. to Release the Iran Human Rights Report
there's nothing like buying a bureaucracy you're going to cut their budget to what wake them up well here is the reaction of the administration on thi...
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Larry Lessig Remarks from
would have started something and it would have started here right here in Ferguson when you in Ferguson say you want this issue to be the first ish
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Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner
how it worked in nineteen eighty and that's how to work now at least my fourth and final point this fight this
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Sen. Marco Rubio - Why Abortion is bad for america
another human the to pursue life to have a and that's at the core of this issue that's really what this issue is about it an
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Election Day is Finally Here: Go Vote Today!
day is sermon and show up in front we're going to retake we're going to return Harry Reid your no vote call your next tree
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Scott Walker Discusses Wisconsin Reforms at Western Conservative Summit
minimum wage because we want everyone to be lifted up in this economic recovery cover and finally it means lowering the burden when it comes to taxes ...
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Donald Trump SLAMS Obama Over Chattanooga Terror Attack and Lone Wolf Terrorism with Bill O'Reilly
to start may be being not so politically correct and this is happening it's happening all over it's
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Miami Fox: "Marco Rubio Wins This Debate"
calling obamacare I'm pretty sure Marco was going to call it obamacare the real issue is that is healthcare Jim
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Marco on ISIL and IRAN
absurd this is a reality that's happening right now none of the P. involving the crusades are alive today or doing anything to anyone it happened it's...
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Marco Rubio: We Should Not Repeal the 14th Amendment
we can't allow anger to define us should motivate us to taking these issues seriously it should not define the Republican Party our nation this is not...
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Marco Joins Filibuster, Questions Administration's Drone Usage
attention to this issue is because I believe that it is it's a it's an incredibly fundamental issue and that is a you