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never met anyone that's but to me that there they'll say the pro choice but almost everyone I've ever met has told me they personally disagree with the board they
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never met anyone that's but to me that there they'll say the pro choice but almost everyone I've ever met has told me they personally disagree with the board they
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Kelley Paul Appears on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson- April 14, 2015
all people I've ever met really values people for the substance of what they bring not who they are you saying that he's really had
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Breaking the #WashingtonCartel with Ted Cruz on the Chad Hasty Show
saying that a radical Islamic terrorism he attacked me personally but you know what he didn't do he didn't disagree with the fact here
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#ATimeForTruth on the Mike Gallagher Show
opponents say they can choose to do though I do that I disagree with that choice I I am going to sing Chris
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WPLG-TV: Interview with Marco Rubio Part 2
upload effect has it wrong they go on and say in the same article but I've never voted acknowledge that we never voted to raise the tax rate and
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Americans Are Fed Up with Politicians Who Say One Thing and Do Another
that issue most of the other candidates you can probably find one occasionally to that they have let but there's no other candidate in the field who o...
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Marco on Conservative Immigration Reform (Fox News Sunday)
nobody is ever going to revoke that say you know once they've met the standards you say they paid back taxes they paid a fine they've
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Ted Cruz Previews the #CruzCountry Bus Tour on the Rick and Bubba Show
but what does it say that Barack Obama John Kerry at that they had other Castro I agree share will silence the dissident so you don't get anyone who d...
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Sean Hannity Praises Scott Walker For His Conservative Accomplishments In Wisconsin
me always got the right thing to do but many in the media vision that you know but others that media telling him really that the right thing to do tha...
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Rand Paul: The Daily Show - Rand Paul Pt. 2
but there's also something that we need to separate out for example when they told me that they were going to build a mosque nine
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Iowa HQ Grand Opening | Jeb Bush
He's the hardest working person that I've ever met and he is totally committed to get the
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Ted Cruz on the Simon Conway Show
even if they happen to be personally pro choice for many special it's different for me they could watch these videos to see senior
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AP's Matt Lee Grills State Dept. on Iran and Arms - July 21, 2015
of the resolutions to be met right work which leads me but it was never the position of the administration that the
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Marcus Luttrell Discusses His Relationship with Gov. Rick Perry
I stay there until the day I mean they had me till the day I met my wife I'm I never forget Kalevala got when
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Ted Cruz with Sean Hannity After the #GOPDebate
it's obamacare everyone on that stage says they oppose obamacare but when you ask what have you actually done to
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I Disagree With Obama Administration's Decision On Boston Bombing Suspect
the FBI in this into telling me that some of the tools they need are not there so is this a question of the FBI not
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Rubio Sits Down With George Stephanopoulos At The 2012 Republican Convention
policy they may disagree with him on policies and then also the choice that America has between two very different views of
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Ted Cruz on the Kelly File
that that's why you can coexist if it's pro pro choice but due to coexist with it because any income inequality or immigration you
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Ted Cruz on the Radio with Sean Hannity
they heard three times Mitch McConnell say that to you that there was no deal made but they don't want to say publicly now
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Donald Trump to Eric Bolling: 'Our Vets Are Treated Like Third-Class Citizens'
asked me to go and I went and I met them and they are fantastic people but they're told not to do your job you know they're standing there people walk...
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#ATimeForTruth on the Glenn Beck Program
quietly celebrating that they put out a statement mildly disagree but behind closed doors they're popping champagne there celebrating because
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Graham Discusses Benghazi Subpoenas with Fox News Greta Van Susteren
pushed back because she that month state department to be blamed by Congress she said but she told me personally she has no idea who changed the talki...
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Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show: I Stand with Kim Davis
me say to everyone of them they are defending a hypocritical stance where's the call but the mayor of San Francisco to resign for creating a sanctuary...
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Watch Mike Huckabee on Face the Nation 8-2-15
glad because the only Republican to that accepted there in and maybe they vote for me maybe they don't but
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This Century Can Be Greatest Era in American History
met they got married they work hard they tried as much as they could but they were like most of the people never live no
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Marco Rubio: Every Life Is Worthy of Protection
mean it's a prerequisite to me having to support the bill right I understand your argument I want to have you have a chance to clarify because when th...
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Jeb 2016 Announcement | Jeb Bush
My dad started going to mass with my mom almost from the day they met in Leon, Guanajato.
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I Disagree With Obama Administration's Decision On Boston Bombing Suspect
said that report to the Russian and said do you have anymore because they don't have enough they never got a reply he