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I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.
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I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.
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Kasich/Taylor Receive Ohio Restaurant Association Endorsement
Wayne even being in the schools we don't make sure we're training he's jobs that exist if
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MSNBC Freakout: Donald Trump is Crushing Other Republicans in New Polls
got in Iowa we got a debate coming up next month I think he's going to be in the center ring make up most of the noise and
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Jeb Bush on Face The Nation - May 31, 2015
and after that i don't know if i'll have to make up my mind alright well tell you that will certainly like to have you i won't be here john
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97% Of American Exports Happen Without The Ex-Im Bank
that now exist there exists a private sector options for terrorism insurance and so in my mind the
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Graham Expresses Opposition to Gun Control
roaming around my neighborhood they have they are fifteen and I don't think that makes me an unreasonable person no
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Marco: Sequestration Hurting the Blue Angels in Florida (Fox News)
could be cutting some of the bureaucracy that's gotten aspect that I know you don't make the right priorities death appointed Rubio's making here and
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Marco slams news media for not covering IRS controversy
I don't pretend to be by the way as someone who's going to design the war plan and that's not the president's job either or that you
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Marco Rubio: My Whole Career Has Been About Reform
we program on force our immigration I am in force that existing at laws on the Rio there are going to be beaten likely
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Graham- Boston Suspect Should Be Given Enemy Combatant Status
visit with their terrorist child should they be allowed no I have no problem I'll leave that people in in custody all of the world as enemy combatants...
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Graham Press Conference On Gun Control
you have a chance to enforce existing law %HESITATION in a way that would make us all safer and
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Marco Responds to the President's Gun Proposals and Immigration on O'Reilly
apply for the existing legal immigration so that you can still be like your neighborhood you why don't you go back you got no but you have to get in l...
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I Am The Only Guy On This Stage With A Detailed Plan On Entitlement Reform
no time in the seventy one percent and that makes no sense that'll be say sappy what we would do a social security we
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Bernie Sanders Liberty University Speech
don't think that is a moral budget not I don't pretend to be an expert on budgets but I think a lot of us would be very interested in %HESITATION
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Marco talking about Higher Education Reform on CNBC's Squawk Box
because my term in the Senate near it's the end of its first term so I got to make decisions about that and I'll make that at the appropriate time if
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Marcus Luttrell Discusses His Relationship with Gov. Rick Perry
not that I like him mia I don't know ours are a guy I I'm hard headed not nice guy and when he's like not as governor of Texas I was like I'll be maki...
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Marco Rubio: We Should Do Everything To Stop Iran Deal
some point in our lifetime and we should be doing everything we can find we don't have the votes for that I also support at this moment I'll
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Marco on The Kelly File
this that's fine I'll just pretend I understood everything he said and will move on nnova C. thank
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Donald Trump Talks Being the Front Runner of the GOP Presidential Race
not going to make bad deals with to make great deals and I think they feel that I'll be able to do that and I know I'll be able to do that at
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Marco Rubio Talks Jobs, Spending & The Economy On WWJB
reinstituted by Congress what happens now these programs are created and then that they exist in perpetuity no one ever
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Gov. John Kasich on Cleveland Advancing to the Finals for the GOP Convention w/ Hugh Hewitt
genocide that just makes total sense to go to I and it would just be I don't think we will never hosted the GOP convention I could be wrong about that...
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Marco Talks Immigration on The Mike Gallagher Show (4/30/13)
I don't think we can pretend that we can't do anything for me not be involved I'm not doing anything would be to leave in place what we have now which...
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Fox Debate: Crist Can't Look Floridians In The Eye
I have never said I want to put a cap on colas that's existing law governor you you are misleading voters about my position on social security because...
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I Will Make No Apologies For Protecting Safety Of American People
thousand and the world changed enormously the next day and that happened in my state this is not theoretical I went to the funeral we
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Ted Cruz joins the Mark Levin Show
don't pretend to be a kingmaker you're the king maker where the queen maker you're the people who make these decisions I
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In His Own Words: Tax Reform
also think really provides permanent you look at the existing tax it's that were cut by president a few years ago what let's make those per and
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I Am The Only Guy On This Stage With A Detailed Plan On Entitlement Reform
don't need that social security check so security is meant to be to make sure that no one has worked hard and played by the rules and pate instances g...
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Scott Walker Talks American Safety & Lifting Americans Out Of Poverty
younger generation is says Hey guys hands out I'll get off my cell phone leave me alone I don't want I don't you track in my conversations you know an...
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Marco Rubio: My Whole Career Has Been About Reform
why I talk about things like student loan debt that's why talk about things about making us globally competitive I want America to be the best place i...